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You call the initial screen of the extended view of the Transport Organizer with Transaction SE01. You can access this transaction from the standard Transport Organizer by choosing Goto Transport Organizer (extended view).

Provided you have configured the system correctly, transportable change requests and Customizing requests automatically ensure that the subsequent systems are supplied consistently with your development work.

Extra transport types are provided in the extended view to meet any special requirements:

Unlike the Workbench and Customizing requests, there are no automatically assigned transport routes for the transport types described here. Similarly, these requests do not follow configured deliveries.

Since some of these request types have their own naming conventions and you cannot search by owner for all request types, the extended view of the Transport Organizer was designed with five different selection screens.

To display an individual selection screen, choose the appropriate tab page.

You can find various tools for searching for, analyzing, and managing transport requests by choosing Goto ® Transport Organizer Tools.

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