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In a typical project or solution landscape, business processes run across multiple connected technical systems, on which different SAP applications (such as SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP SCM) are used in combination. Before you start an upgrade, analyze the technical/functional dependencies between separately installed product instances. The aim of the analysis project is to show the effect of a target product version planned for the upgrade for individual product instances on the existing connections to other SAP product instances.

Technical dependencies within technical systems (for example, if a technical system is used by several product systems as a hub) can also be taken into consideration. Since this analysis is based exclusively on the defined product system data, we recommend that you use the Landscape Verification Tool to verify your product data. For more information, see Landscape Verification Tool.

Start the analysis project, based on the project or solution landscape that you are currently using to operate your business processes. Select product systems for which you are planning an upgrade, and define a target product version in each case. Starting from this, you receive dependency statements about the connected product instances and, if there are any, upgrade-related SAP Notes. A critical dependency exists if the upgrade of a product instance to the target product version means that existing functions between this product instance and another product instance are no longer executable after the upgrade. If necessary, check alternative upgrade options until there are no more critical dependencies. You can also determine the best order to perform dependent upgrades.

Recommendation Recommendation

To obtain detailed information about the effects of an upgrade on your current business processes, use the scenario and component list on the SAP Service Marketplace when planning the upgrade. For more information, see

End of the recommendation.

For more information about the process, see Analyzing Dependencies in Upgrade Planning.


This tool has been conceived as a planning tool for initial orientation. It integrates the function of the Upgrade Dependency Analyzer on the SAP Service Marketplace with the recorded system data in the SAP Solution Manager system, taken from the Solution Manager System Landscape and the Solution Directory. Select a project or solution landscape with the tool and Upgrade Dependency Analyzer uses this system data for the planned upgrade to calculate dependency statements, which can be transparently stored in SAP Solution Manager.


  • The basis for upgrade planning is an existing, fully recorded project or solution landscape. For further information about processing the system landscape, see System Landscape Tab.

  • The relevant process interfaces are recorded in the Solution Directory. For more information, see Create Interfaces for Business Process Monitoring and Assign Interface to Processes.

  • You have assigned the appropriate user role to the necessary users: For more information, see the Customizing for   SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Implementation/Upgrade  .

    Caution Caution

    The same conditions apply for this tool in relation to the determined dependency statements as for the Upgrade Dependency Analyzer on SAP Service Marketplace. For more information, see

    End of the caution.


  • Selecting a project or solution landscape and planning upgrade options for individual product systems

  • Displaying process interfaces recorded in the Solution Directory and manual creation of additional interfaces for planning purposes

  • Automatic calculation of dependency statements

    To do this, you select product systems and select the connections between the product instances. These connections are recorded in the Solution Directory using interfaces between the associated logical components. The system checks the effect of the planned target product version on the connected product instances. The calculated depdency statements are based on combinations of product instances and versions that are supported by SAP.

  • User-specific evaluation of the meaning of dependency statements

  • Automatic calculation of technical dependencies for several product instances installed on one technical system

  • Output all all the analysis data for your project in a PDF

  • Documentaion of the planning process using comments and uploaded documents


You have the following options in the Implementation/Upgrade work center:

  • Create a new analysis project:   Upgrade Analyses   New Upgrade Dependency Analysis  .

  • You continue the upgrade planning or display a completed analysis project:   Upgrade Analyses   <Existing Upgrade Project>  .