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You can adapt the standard settings or change the settings of the EEMon robots and EEMon scripts you created.


You have set up the EEMon, configured EEMon robots, and uploaded EEMon scripts for the EEMon robots. For further information, see the guided procedure under   SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center   Technical Monitoring   End User Experience  .


To change settings, you use the steps Script Management, Monitoring, and Alerting in the setup for End User Experience Monitoring (EEMon).

You have the following options:

  • You can change the distribution of EEMon scripts to EEMon robots, which you have installed at various locations in your organization, in the Distribute Scripts substep of the Script Management step.

  • In the Monitoring step, you have the following options:

    • You can define a global configuration for your EEMon robots on the Global tab page by adjusting the delivered root configuration to your organization.

    • You can change the configuration of individual EEMon robots on the Robots tab page.

    • You can configure the parameters for monitoring certain business processes on the Scripts tab page.

    • On the Temporary tab page, you can change the trace level of certain EEMon scripts temporarily for root cause analysis purposes.

  • In the Alerting step, for example, you can change the threshold values for generating alerts for the individual steps in an EEMon script.

  • In the Reporting step, you can specify which EEMon script execution data is used for reporting in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.