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Various situations can lead to errors when you are working with the Change and Transport System (CTS). The system administrator must react to these errors to ensure the stability and consistency of the SAP System.

To support the administrator, the Transport Management System (TMS) records CTS errors and provides tools that can be used to display and process these situations, known as alerts.

Among others, the Transport Management System records the following alerts:


You can display the alerts in both the CCMS Alert Monitor and the TMS Alert Viewer. On the initial TMS screen you can specify the default alert display by choosing Extras Settings Standard Alert Display.


CCMS Alert Monitor

The CCMS Alert Monitor is activated automatically when the TMS is configured. It replaces the TMS Alert Viewer, which is now only needed in special cases (for example, for special analyses). The CCMS monitor organizes alerts by system and topic. You can use this tool to display and process alerts.

Alerts are recorded in the system where they occur and then sent to the transport domain controller. This lets the system administrator monitor all systems in the transport domain centrally from the domain controller.


You do not need to make any additional changes to the configuration of the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) (such as maintaining central system groups) to be able to monitor TMS alerts in multiple systems. The TMS communication interface is used to send alerts to the CCMS in the domain controller system.

TMS Alert Viewer

Unlike the CCMS Alert Monitor, the TMS Alert Viewer is organized chronologically, and displays all actions for the selected system, not just errors. However, the Alert Viewer does not let you process these actions.

The TMS Alert Viewer only retains a certain number of actions in the display. If you want to display older actions, choose Edit History +/- to include more entries.


It can take some time to include older actions in the TMS Alert Viewer.

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