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You can restrict the information which is shown in an analysis report, and adjust it to your analysis requirements. This allows you to retain an overview or output and print particular information.


You have opened the analysis report of an analysis.


You can adjust the following aspects of the analysis report:

  • Section: You exclude sections.

  • Report structure: You exclude substructures or hierarchy levels from the report structure.

    Note Note

    If the analysis structure comprises more than 100 nodes, the analysis report presents the analysis results at business process level, by default. The results of check steps are only also shown if the analysis structure comprises less than 100 nodes, or you make the corresponding settings.

    End of the note.
  • Graphic: You exclude specified diagrams, and specify the type of graphic shown (e.g. pie chart or bar chart).


  1. Choose Settings

    You go to the Settings dialog box.

  2. Choose the tab for the aspects which you want to adjust, and make the settings.

    • Section: You have the following options:

      • You can show and hide individual sections and subsections.

      • You can set the maximum number of object results.

      • You can define that the descriptive SQL check steps are displayed. In order for you to be able to save paper when printing the analysis report, the maximum number of displayed lines is set to the value of 10.

    • Analysis Structure: You can select the structure level (such as the business process level or check step level) and the analysis structure nodes that should be part of the scope of the analysis report.

    • Diagram: You can change the type of diagrams in the analysis report.

  3. Confirm your entries.

    The current analysis report is adjusted.