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 Export Order and WBS BOM to cFolders


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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This business function enables a seamless integration of ERP bill of material (BOM)-reporting transactions with cFolders.

You can export an order BOM, work breakdown structure (WBS) BOM, and material BOM from an ERP system to a cFolders system. This allows external contract manufacturers or suppliers to access this data using cFolders.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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  • To enable the ERP export functions

  • To enable the cFolders functions

Technical component or business content, for example Portal Content

Not relevant

  • Your cFolders system is on a separate server to the back-end server.

  • You have set up an RFC connection between cFolders and the back-end system. For more information, see the Customizing under Start of the navigation path Integration with Other Components Next navigation step Collaboration Folders Next navigation step Specify cFolders System Data End of the navigation path.

Note Note

If you want to specify transactions that integrate with cFolders use the Activate cFolders Integration with BOM Reporting Transactions Customizing activity.

End of the note.


  • This integration in the reporting transaction allows you to export the following objects to the cFolders system:

    • Dynamic order BOMs, knowledge-based BOMs using transaction CSK2

    • Result-oriented Order BOMs using transaction CSKB

    • WBS BOMs using transaction CSP2 or CSPB

    • Material BOMs using transaction CSMB

  • You can control the BOM levels or headers that you want to transfer.

  • During export, the system displays the last export date and last BOM change date. This information is useful for a delta export.

  • SAP provides you with two BAdIs for cFolders to control the cFolders collaboration name and folder structure. Sample implementations are available for each of these BAdIs.

  • You can select the explosion criteria you want to include in the export to cFolders. For example you can include a fully exploded BOM or can restrict the BOM information to a selected BOM level.

  • You can choose to include linked MPNs and linked documents with the BOM headers in your export.