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 Enhancement for Dependency Maintenance Table


With this feature, you can view and maintain the object dependencies of a whole product structure in a tree view in the dependency maintenance table (DMT). This tree view allows you to expand and collapse your structure as required.

You use the DMT to enter object dependencies for product item variants and geometric instances. You use object dependencies in the product structure to control the selection of variants for a particular product item or geometric instances for a particular product item variant.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

  • PLMWUI 702

  • PLMWUI 747

Application Component

PLM-WUI-OBJ-PSM (Product Structure and Assembly Management)


  • SAP Enhancement Package 6 (SP15) for SAP ERP

  • SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP08) for SAP ERP

Required Business Functions

/PLMU/IPPE_INT_4 (PLM, Product Structure and Assembly Management 4)