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 Work-in-Process (WIP) Batch


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Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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This business function enables you to use work-in-process (WIP) batches in your enterprise to increase the transparency of the manufacturing process. With the WIP batch, you can not only document the production progress in manufacturing on a quantity basis (confirmations) but also record the current properties of the material that is to be produced.

The WIP batch additionally represents the link between the input batch and the goods receipt batch, thus ensuring end-to-end batch tracing.

You can have several WIP batches for a production order to describe logistical subsets (discrete pieces or partial quantities, for example).

The WIP batch constitutes the enhanced functionality of the process batch, which is available within the industry solution Mill Products (IS-MP). With the WIP batch, the functionality of the process batch has been adopted in the standard system.


You can use WIP batches in production and process orders.

You can also use WIP batches in conjunction with the business function LOG_MM_OM_1 (Outsourced Manufacturing).


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To be able to use WIP batches, you must activate the functionality in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Logistics General Next navigation step Batch Management Next navigation step WIP Batches Next navigation step Activate WIP Batches End of the navigation path.

You must create a confirmation profile that includes the WIP Batches area with the necessary fields in Customizing for Shop Floor Control. You must either define the profile as a standard profile or assign it to users via the user parameter CORUPROF.


WIP Batch Management is integrated in the following confirmation functions:

  • For production orders under time ticket processing for the operation

  • For process orders under time ticket processing for the phase

An additional area for WIP batches is displayed in these functions.

A WIP batch is automatically assigned to a production or process order.

WIP batches are created on an operation- or phase-related basis. The operation or phase is displayed for the WIP batch in the batch where-used list. On completion of your production, you can then bequeath (pass on) the characteristics of the generated WIP batches to new goods receipt batches.

In Customizing, you can activate inventory management for WIP batches in the order-related parameters for production and process orders.

If you wish to use the Process Batch functionality of the industry solution Mill Products (IS-MP) and use the WIP batch as of this Release, you must run the report R_CONVERT_WIPBATCH. Furthermore, you must then run the report R_SET_BATCHTYPE to include the Batch Type field in the batch master record.