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 Retail, Planning & Master Data

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SAP ERP Enhancement Package 2005.2

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You can use this business function to enable additional options in the master data maintenance processes for articles, vendors and purchasing info records.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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  • Article master maintenance (transactions MM4x):

    Inclusion of the article description for variants when maintaining EANs in the article master. In article master maintenance, a new column was added to the additional data under the tab strip “EAN Maintenance” to display the article descriptions of the variants for the logon language. The “Article Description” column was inserted after the “VR – Other Vendor Reference” column and can also be moved to suit customer-specific requirements. The column is only visible at the generic article level if the EANs of all variants are listed.

  • Storage levels for transportation chains and staging time:

    The storage levels for external transportation chains and their staging times were enhanced to provide more detailed data retention levels to support more scenarios within the scheduling of procurement controlling.

    Besides the existing storage level for vendor master data (General Data), the transportation chain and staging time can be maintained at the Purchasing Organization Data level (including alternative data at the site and vendor subrange level) within vendor master data maintenance (transactions XK0x).

    Additionally, the transportation chain and staging time can be maintained in purchasing inforecord maintenance (transaction ME1x), similar to the existing maintenance in article master data maintenance (MM4x).

    The enhanced reference logic for copying data from a higher data retention level to lower data retention levels and the access logic within the scheduling of the procurement controlling were also changed. To use these enhancements, it is recommended and required that you activate business function ISR_EARET_PLANNING. For more details, see the documentation for business function ISR_EARET_PLANNING.