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Technical Data

Technical name of the business function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP Enhancement Package number 3 for SAP ERP 6.0

ECC software component


ECC application component


Business Intelligence content

Not relevant

SAP Enterprise Services

Not relevant

JAVA software component

Not relevant

Portal content

Not relevant

Additional content available in other SAP applications

Not relevant

Business function requiring activation in addition

Name of the business function (SD_01)

You can use this business function to work on the simplified user interface for Resource-related Billing process. This enables faster bill processing, ability to move process to customer facing staff, and more accurate bills.

The new user interface and process simplification supports the client facing staff to perform the billing process. Based on a resource related DMR created using the normal resource related billing process, the simplification provides a guided procedure to facilitate:

  • WIP selection

  • Accrual creation

  • Pricing decisions

  • Bill layout definition for resource-related Debit Memo Requests


You have made all Customizing settings in Customizing for Project System under

Revenue and Earnings -> Integration with SD documents ->Creating Quotation and Project Billing -> Settings for Billing Request Editor.


For more information, see SAP Library under Project System ->Revenues and Earnings -> Resource Related Billing -> Billing Request Editor