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 Retail, Store & Multichannel

Technical Data

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SAP ERP Enhancement Package 2005.2

Technical Usage

Retail - Store

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You can use this business function to improve the existing functionality in the following areas:

  • Online handheld applications for in-store inventory management

  • Physical inventory during opening hours

  • Customer order management using SAP Transactionware General Merchandise (SAP TGM)

For details on the continuous improvements, see Features .


Handheld Applications

The applications for In-Store Inventory Management are integrated into J2EE server based applications for Web Dynpro Java that is part of the delivery for SAP Retail Store in ERP.

Customer Order Management (COM)

The COM functionality of SAP Retail Store has been integrated in SAP TGM. The integration has three aspects:

  • UI integration to call Retail Store UI within the SAP TGM UI

  • Data exchange and messaging between SAP TGM, SAP POS Data Management, and ERP

  • Booking of order-related payments/down payments in SD and FI

Physical Inventory during the opening hours

Physical inventory during opening hours has been integrated into ERP and POS Data Management.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features

Software Component



  • The following functionality has to be in place:

    • Customer Order Management (COM): Customer Order Management functionality of SAP Retail Store

    • 24 Hours Inventory: Physical Inventory functionality of SAP Retail Store

    • Mobile In-Store Inventory Management: This is a new solution

  • The following system settings (Customizing) trigger this business function:

    • Customer Order Management (COM): The IMG of ERP needs to be configured for SAP Retail Store Order Management functionality and for Payment Processing in SD and FI (IMG: Logistics General/Retail/Retail Store).

    • 24 Hours Inventory: The Retail Store functionality for Physical Inventory needs to be configured in the IMG of ERP.

    • Mobile In-Store Inventory Management: This needs to be configured in the IMG of ERP (Mobile In-Store Inventory Management).


  • Mobile In-Store Inventory Management

    The new solution for Mobile In-Store Inventory Management is designed for retail inventory management on mobile devices at the store level. Providing seamless integration with the SAP for Retail solution portfolio, this mobile solution brings back-office functionality to the shop floor to save time and increase customer satisfaction by allowing staff to spend more time with customers. The solution streamlines the inventory management process for store clerks who work the shop floor and increases their productivity. At the same time, the software helps ensure that store merchandise is always on the shelf, which maximizes sales and increases customer satisfaction. This online solution runs on handheld devices and connects directly to SAP ERP using a wireless connection.

    • Inventory lookup

      Provides different types of stock information, such as stock on hand, storage location, special stock in store, other special stock such as consignment stock, and commitment stock. It consolidates the sales transaction from the POS DM with the stock information from ERP to provide accurate and real-time stock information. There will be an ES Bundle around the RFCs used for this functionality.

    • Inventory adjustment/store-to-store transfer

    • Planned counting/unplanned counting

    • Receiving with or without reference documents

  • Physical Inventory/Cycle Counting During Opening Hours

    This function makes it possible to conduct counting during regular store opening hours, even while the products are still being sold at the point of sale. This solution is designed for retail stores that operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    The current ERP-based Physical Inventory During Opening Hours was already available since release 470x200. This solution is based on the upload of non-aggregated (that is, transactional) POS sales that are sent via IDoc through the POS Inbound interface to ERP. These sales transactions provide the basis for calculation of the book inventory at counting time, which is the basis for any inventory differences.

    The new development will extend the current solution so that aggregated sales data is sent to ERP (for example, at the end of the day) and transactional POS data is requested by ERP from POS Data Management. This significantly reduces the data volume on the ERP side.

  • Customer Order Management at the POS (SAP TGM) and at the Service Desk

    The Customer Order Management functionality of SAP Retail Store has been integrated to SAP TGM to enable an easy-to-use, integrated, and flexible order management solution including the different type of tendering at the point of sale. This allows the user to execute order-related business processes such as create, search, display, change, identify, verify, cancel, fulfill, and returns of orders for different order types and scenarios.

    The order-related payments are entered as a specific kind of retail item that is immediately processed in the ERP backend and posted to financials.


Customer Order Management

In-store sales and service. Create a customer order in out-of stock-situation, or for products that are usually not carried at the store level.

Mobile In-Store Inventory Management

Mobile solution for receiving products and for conducting inventory counting

24Hours Inventory

Counting of products while the stores operate during the counting