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 Integration of Production Orders with an MES


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Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Shop Floor Control (PP - SFC)

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Not relevant

This business function enables you to better integrate your production orders with a manufacturing execution system (MES). As a result of this integration, you have more detailed control over your production data. The shop floor in ERP can now be connected to an MES system via a logical system. This enables you to closely monitor and control your production processes at all times. By activating this business function you seamlessly connect the business and production levels.


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To be able to use the new function, in Customizing for production, you must call up Start of the navigation path Production Control Next navigation step Integration Next navigation step Integrate Production Orders with an MES End of the navigation path. Under this menu option, you will find a Customizing activity and several Business Add-Ins (BAdIs), with the aid of which you can control the integration and make adjustments for or avoid any restrictions that may affect your business processes.


Your production planning and the creation and release of production orders continue to take place in the ERP system, in which you can also process the master data, for example.

In Customizing, you can stipulate the criteria on the basis of which the order is to become relevant for distribution to the MES and how the associated logical system is to be determined. You can define either a distribution for a certain combination of plant and order type or a flexible distribution on the basis of the order data. As soon as you release an MES-relevant production order, distribution to the logical system defined in Customizing is carried out. You can use new status fields in the document to monitor the status of the distribution of the production order to the MES.

Confirmation of the quantities manufactured and the movements of the materials and components involved are triggered for the distributed production order by the MES and posted in ERP via the corresponding BAPIs. To keep the systems consistent, there is no provision for a quantity confirmation in ERP. However, you can still post activities and goods movements in ERP if required.

In the standard system, the production order is protected against MES-relevant changes (for example, affecting quantities, dates/times, components, etc.). This guarantees greater security with regard to data consistency. If you can ensure data consistency yourself, you can lift these restrictions and switch the fields back to "ready to accept input". Several BAdIs are available to you for a more flexible handling of the restrictions.

In the standard system, any changes you make to the production order after the distribution are not synchronized between ERP and the MES system.