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 Trade, Agency Business 4


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Application

Application Component

Agency Business (LO-AB)

Required Business Function

Trade, Agency Business 3 (ISR_RET_AGENCY_3)

You can use this business function to implement new business models for agency business processes, support allocation of any types of expenses, improve cost transparency, and increases process flexibility and efficiency. This business function allows you to create Intrastat declarations using agency documents on behalf of your company and, as an additional service offering, on behalf of your customers. Furthermore, a new B2B outbound service allows customers and partners to leverage enterprise service-oriented architecture for the exchange of invoices.

The following further enhancements in agency business processes increase usability in the modeling of business processes through a unified reporting architecture that enables greater flexibility for end users.

  • Generation of subitems

  • Item cancellation

  • Authority check before FI document creation

  • Flexible mass data processing

  • Updating of complaints data

  • Combined settlement

  • Reconciliation account determination

  • Calculation scheme determination

  • Flexible account determination

  • Determination of tax-relevant country of departure and destination

This business function also supports the integration of the catch weight concept into Agency Business, which enables you to display the parallel quantity and parallel unit of measure of catch weight materials.


  • The new features of this business function are enhancements of the Agency Business component. Agency Business is integrated in SAP’s core application SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (SAP ECC 6.0) and can be implemented in conjunction with other SAP Industry Add-ons, such as SAP Retail.

  • This business function enables the transfer of data that is relevant for the creation of Intrastat declarations in SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting (SAP ECR) and can be implemented in conjunction with SAP Global Trade Services 8.0 (SAP GTS 8.0).

  • You have to activate CWM, Finalization of Architectural Change and New Processes (/CWM/CM_2) business function to use catch weight materials in Agency Business.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Required for the Following Features Only

Software Component



EA-RETAIL 605 is an optional component which has to be installed related business function features are used.

Software Component


Only required if Data Transfer for Intrastat Declarations is used.

SAP Enterprise Services



B2B Outbound Service for Invoice Processing

The following business function has to be activated in order to use the Trade, Agency Business 4 (ISR_APPL_AGENCY_4) business function:

Trade, Agency Business 3

To create Intrastat declarations in SAP ECR using the data created in agency documents, you must:

  • Create vendor master data and customer master data in Material Management.

  • Define settings in Customizing for Start of the navigation path Logistics - General Next navigation step Agency Business End of the navigation path:

    • Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Transaction Reasons End of the navigation path

    • Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation step Billing Document Types End of the navigation path

    • Start of the navigation path Intrastat End of the navigation path

  • Define settings for master data, legal regulations, commodity codes, and classification help in Customizing for SAP Global Trade Services.


The following features are available with the Trade, Agency Business 4 business function:

Data Transfer for Intrastat Declarations

Agency documents can be selected for transfer to SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) where the information in these documents is used to create Intrastat declarations for arrivals in or dispatches out of a company. Furthermore, Intrastat declarations can be created on behalf of a customer for dispatches.

For more information, see Intrastat Processing.

B2B Outbound Service for Invoice Processing

A new B2B outbound service is available to send out invoices or cancellations of invoices. This service is available with the Customer Invoice Processing process component.

For more information about the new service operation, see the SOA documentation.

Generation of Subitems

Agency business functionality supports cost allocation in the retail method of accounting (RMA). Within agency documents, it is now required to generate subitems to distribute expenses such as lump-sum rebates. A Business Add-In (BAdI) is available to distribute values or costs on multiple attributes of one item, such as a profit center or plants.

Item Cancellation

Agency documents can now be cancelled at item level.

Authority Check before FI Document Creation

For security and legal reasons, an authority check precedes the creation of FI documents to ensure that only designated employees make FI postings.

Flexible Mass Data Processing

New reports are available with more flexible selection criteria for mass data processing.

Updating of Complaints Data

A new combined report view is available that lists complaints and their original agency documents in one list, allowing you to compare changes between a complaints document and its original document more easily.

Combined Settlement

A new combined settlement function enables you to combine the direct posting of single settlement requests and the posting using follow-on documents (settlement list or vendor settlement, and posting list or customer settlement). In this way, one party is directly posted via single settlement request, whereas the other party is posted using follow-on documents.

Reconciliation Account Determination

You can use the reconciliation account determination in Sales and Distribution (SD) to determine a reconciliation account in agency documents that differs from the company code master data.

Calculation Scheme Determination

The copy function of agency documents now considers the update of the price determination and allows a new determination of the calculation scheme itself.

Flexible Account Determination

You can now use the logic of the vendor billing document as well as the standard account determination to support account determination for the subledger. The relevant account determination scheme can be defined according to the billing document type.

Determination of Tax-Relevant Country of Departure and Destination

Area default values can be selected to determine the tax-relevant country of departure and tax-relevant country of destination. These values are relevant for price determination and Intrastat processing.

Integration of Catch Weight Management (CWM)

The integration of the catch weight concept in Agency Business enables you to use two different units of measure for products (a logistical and an inventory-managing UoM) in vendor billing documents and expense documents.

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