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A claim can be created for each of the contracts displayed.


  1. On the Contract Overview tab page, in the row for the relevant contract, choose Select Incident Type (Select Incident Type).

    The Incident Type and Coverages dialog box appears.

  2. Use the input help to choose an incident type.

    The system displays the possible coverage types for this incident type.

  3. In the Choose field, select one or several coverages.

  4. Choose Continue.

    This takes you back to the Contract Overview screen.

  5. Enter the necessary data on the incident.

    Example Example

    In the sample customizing delivered by SAP for an accident leading to a hospital stay, this is the start and end date of the hospital stay.

    End of the example.
  6. Check whether you really do want to create a claim for this incident.

    • If you do, on the Contract Overview tab page, select the checkbox at the start of the row for the relevant incident type.

    • If you do not, deselect the checkbox.

      You have the option of removing an incident type later on (see Remove Incident Type).

  7. Save your entries.

  8. In the dialog box that then appears, confirm that you want to create a claim.

    The system then displays the following on the Contract Overview tab page:

    • In the contract row, the icon with the quick info text Select Incident Type is green ().

    • The incident type selected in step 2 is displayed in the contract row.

    • The number of the claim created is displayed in the contract row as a hotspot.

  9. Click the claim number.

    The system navigates to the claim.

    In the claim, the system has automatically created one or more corresponding subclaims and transferred the data entered previously (see step 5). In our example this is the data referring to the hospital stay. You can enter more data in the claim and pay out claimed items if required.

  10. You can navigate back to the claim bundle and execute other processing steps there, such as:

    • You can add a further coverage (such as Death) to a contract for which you have already created a claim. To do so, repeat steps 1 to 6.

    • You can create a new claim for another contract.

  11. Once you have finished processing, you can close the claim bundle.

Note Note

  • Take into consideration that SAP only delivers a sample implementation for a hospital stay and death.

  • This function is triggered by function code MCINCPOP (Select Incident Type). You use the following settings to define the format/structure of the screen or dialog box that appears:

    • Customizing activity Control Data Capture in 'Multiple Contract Handling'


End of the note.