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Business Package for Automotive Dealer Portal for Warranty 1.4


With the Business Package for Automotive Dealer Portal for Warranty 1.4, warranty processing clerks can use a number of warranty claim processing functions in the Enterprise Portal. These functions are:

  • Managing warranty claims

  • Managing parts to be returned

  • Managing recalls

  • Search functions

  • Object registration

  • Print function

  • Dealer-specific financial reports

  • Personalization of warranty processing in the Dealer Portal (tailoring the display to meet user-specific needs)

This Business Package is intended for warranty processing clerks at a car dealer and facilitates the communication and cooperation with original equipment manufacturers, importers, and car distributors.

Technical Data


SAP NetWeaver 7.01

Data Source

As of SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Browser Recommendation

For information about the system requirements for these components, see the Product Availability Matrix in the SAP Service Marketplace under published on SAP site.

Languages Available

  • CS Czech

  • DA Danish

  • DE German

  • EL Greek

  • EN English

  • ES Spanish

  • FR French

  • HE Hebrew

  • IT Italian

  • JA Japanese

  • KO Korean

  • NL Dutch

  • PL Polish

  • PT Portuguese

  • RU Russian

  • SL Slovakian

  • TR Turkish

  • ZH Chinese




You have made the following settings in your back-end system:

  • You have activated the Enterprise Extension Industry-Specific Sales and Distribution Enhancements (EA-ISE).

  • To be able to use the Warranty Processing Clerk Role 1.4, you must first activate the Warranty Claim Processing for the Dealer Portal (WTY_DP_1) business function.

  • You have defined an RFC destination so that the Dealer Portal can communicate with the back-end system.

  • To enable and monitor access to the Dealer Portal, you have made the following assignments. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Plant Maintenance Next navigation step Management of Technical Objects Next navigation step Environment Next navigation step Warranty Claim Processing Next navigation step Web Dynpro-Based Dealer Portal Next navigation step General Settings End of the navigation path:

    1. Definition of logical systems and assignment to back-end system

      In this step you define a logical system and assign it to a back-end system. You can assign the back-end system to the local system or to an RFC destination.

    2. Assign partners to systems

      In this step you assign the partner (dealer) that you created as a customer in the back-end system to a logical system.

    3. Assign users to partners (dealers)

      In this step you assign users that you created in the back-end system to one or more partners (dealers).

  • You have made the required Customizing settings for Warranty Claim Processing in the Dealer Portal. To do so, choose Start of the navigation path Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Next navigation step Warranty Claim Processing Next navigation step Dealer Portal: Warranty Claim Processing End of the navigation path.