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 Material Ledger in IS-Retail


Material ledger data is valuation and control data for an article in a plant for a particular posting period. Material ledger data also contains data for movements that are relevant to the valuation of the article. This data is collected in the material ledger as it is entered in the system.

Material ledger data forms the basis of actual costing and is used to manage valuation prices in multiple currencies and valuations. Using material ledger data, the system collects information on material movements (such as goods receipts and invoice receipts) in each period at historical exchange rates. This data is used during material price determination to calculate new valuation prices for the article. Then, the material stock account is reconciled in multiple currencies with the accounts in Financial Accounting.

Technical Data

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SAP ERP 6 Enhancement Package 7 Support Pack Stack 10

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Actual Costing/Material Ledger (CO-PC-ACT)

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Not relevant


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    EA-RETAIL(617) SP10


With this business function, material ledger is integrated with article master. If material ledger is active for a particular DC/store then the system displays the material ledger screens in article master. Using the material ledger functionality in article master, you can maintain and change the material ledger data for single and generic articles and validate the data in material ledger tables.

The material ledger screen will be available in article master only if the material ledger is enabled for a plant. You can maintain material ledger related data in the accounting view.