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 Enterprise Asset Management: Time Zone Support


Technical Data

Technical name of business function


Type of business function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical usage

Central applications

Application component

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)

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In today's distributed business environment, plant maintenance does not just take place in one location. The most important process steps in plant maintenance, such as planning, executation, and confirmation, may be performed at different locations, in different systems, with different business partners, and therefore in different time zones.

This business function allows you to use the functions of time zone support. You can switch from one time zone to another in no time at all. This is useful if you have processes that cover different time zones, for example, if you plan maintenance work at a different location to where it is executed or confirmed.


You have installed the following components for the version mentioned and higher:

Component Type


Only Required for the Following Functions

Software component



The time zone support function is possible for the following objects:

  • Notification

  • Order

  • Confirmation

  • Measuring point

  • Measurement document

For more information, see Time Zone Support.