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 Quality Management, Extensions


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SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

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SAP Quality Management (QM)

Business Package for Quality Inspector (EP_PCT_MAN_QI)

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Not relevant

This business function allows you to use the enhancements for Quality Management processes.

The following new functions are available:

  • Tools for the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • Management of a control plan

You can use the following enhancements in existing workflows:

  • Extended functions for the digital signature

  • Principle of dual control in results recording

  • Exponential display in results recording

  • Quality notifications and components have been added to the QM cockpit for evaluations

  • The Quality Inspector role has been adapted

  • Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in quality notifications

  • TREX search for quality notifications


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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Portal Content

Business Package for Quality Inspector 1.3

Quality Inspector Role


Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) (New)

The FMEA is an analytical method for locating and preventing possible defects and weak points in products and processes early on. This method is used in Quality Management to prevent and avoid defects. To create and process a FMEA, you can use either the FMEA Cockpit or the FMEA Monitor.

When you activate the business function, you can also archive FMEA data using the archiving object, QM_FMEA.

Note Note

Since the FMEA uses technically the same functions as Audit Management, some of the settings can be found in Customizing for Audit Management (CA-AUD). You can also call the Audit Management component from the Quality Management menu.

End of the note.

For more information, see Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

Control Plan (New)

You can use these functions, together with the functions Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) component, to perform comprehensive inspection planning, as required according to the international standard, ISO/TS16949. The control plan describes how products and processes are monitored. It contains actions that are executed for each phase of the process.

For more information, see Control Plan.

Digital Signature (Enhanced)

You can implement individual signatures and signature strategies in the following functions in Quality Management:

  • In the inspection lot: During results recording

  • In the inspection lot: At the usage decision

  • When confirming the physical-sample drawing. This means, when releasing the first physical sample in a physical-sample drawing.

  • For quality notifications

In the SAP System, the digital signature is supported by the Basis component Secure Store and Forward (SSF).

You can also use the special features of inspection lots and physical samples in results recording and in notifications.

For more information, see Digital Signature in QM.

Principle of Dual Control in Results Recording (New)

You can use the principle of dual control in results recording to set that a result recorded in SAP ERP must be closed by a different user. This means that at least two different people have to check the data.

For more information, see Results Recording.

Exponential Display in Results Recording (New)

To make results recording easier for the quality inspector, inspection specifications can be displayed analog to the result value, using an exponential display. This information is shown on the screen and allows you to compare the results and the specifications directly.

For more information, see Results Recording.

QM Cockpit for Evaluations (Enhanced)

Additional functions are available for evaluations in the QM cockpit. If you activate this business function, you can evaluate defects, quality notifications, and other quality-related data, as well as inspection lots.

For more information, see General QM Evaluations.

Quality Inspector Role (Enhanced)

Additional functions are available for the Quality Inspector role in the Enterprise Portal. You can use the enhancements to the existing functions: inspection lots, production orders, tasks, inspection results, reports and services.

For more information, see Quality Inspector.

BAdI in the Quality Notification (New)

You can use Business Add-In (BAdI) BADI_IQS0_SUBSCREEN_ADDON to include your own fields on the detail screens for cause and tasks for a quality notification. To do this, create your own subscreens. You can use this BAdI to include these subscreens on the user interface of transactions QM01, QM02 and QM03.

TREX search for quality notifications

The search function for quality notifications has been enhanced. For this purpose, the notifications are linked to the SAP search engine, TREX.