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 Purchase Order Datelines


Scheduling with transportation chains calculates the dates automatically, for example, from the handover date or ex-factory date to the delivery date, between the generation of the purchase order and the arrival of the goods in the distribution center.

In addition to the availability of Transportation Chains for Scheduling within the standard Purchase Order (ME21N), with this product feature you can perform the following:

  • Communicate the scheduled dates of a transportation chain to external partners using Intermediate Documents (IDocs)

  • Receive confirmations or corrections from external partners using IDoc

  • Receive confirmations, corrections, or actual dates from external partners using Remote Function Call (RFC)

  • Update dates which are not transferred using IDoc or RFC manually using a workbench

  • Monitor standard purchase orders within the Reactive PO Monitor workbench

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

EA-RETAIL (617) SP12

Application Component

MM-PUR (Purchasing)


SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7 Support Pack Stack 12

Required Business Functions


Datelines in Standard Purchase Order 2

Effects on Existing Data

The following new transactions are created:

  • WDLW: You can use this workbench to display the current status of the datelines, forecast when a particular operational date ID will be executed, simulate datelines, perform corrections on a particular operational date ID, and perform actions based on the rescheduled date ID.

  • WRF_RMCODE: You can use this view to maintain remark codes that indicate the reason for a change in the planned dates.

The following IDoc is enhanced:

  • FSHORD03

    New IDoc segment E1EDP37 is created

The following RFC Application Programming Interface (API) is created:

  • WRF_PCTR_ACTIVITY_EXT: You can use this RFC Application Programming Interface (API) to send the confirmation for planned dates, post the correction dates, or post the actual dates for a particular operational date ID.

Effects on Customizing

You make the settings for this function in the following Customizing activity:

  • Process Dates under Start of the navigation path Materials Management Next navigation step Purchasing Next navigation step Seasonal Procurement Next navigation step Scheduling End of the navigation path.