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 Retail, In-Store MIM, Extended Article Search


Technical Data

Technical name of the business function


Type of the business function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage


Application Component

SAP Retail Store (LO-SRS)

Retail and Consumer Goods (BW-BCT-ISR)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Retail, Store & Multichannel (ISR_RETAIL_STORE)

You can use this business function to access additional functions in the sales order of SAP Retail Store.

This extension provides store employees with current inventory information for their store, for stores close by, or for other sites as requested by a customer. This helps you increase customer satisfaction by preventing the loss of sales due to stockout.


This business function is an extension to the sales order in SAP Retail Store. It is based on the integration of SAP ERP, SAP Retail Store, POS Data Management and SAP POS 2.0.


Type of Component


Is Needed Only for the Following Features



POS DM Version 7.0.3 SP 6

  • To use this business function you must activate the business function Retail, Store & Multichannel (ISR_RETAIL_STORE).

  • To activate this function you must make the following Customizing settings:

    • To use the extended article search you must activate the extended article search in Customizing of the SAP Retail Store under Start of the navigation path Sales Order Next navigation step Basic Settings for Entering Sales Documents End of the navigation path.

    • You must also make further settings under SAP Retail Store under Start of the navigation path Sales Order Next navigation step Extended Article Search End of the navigation path.

  • To use the TREX search engine, you must set up the appropriate index for articles.


  • You can use the TREX (Search and Classification) search function for the article search in the sales order of SAP Retail Store. This way you can find an article using additional search criteria, for example, a short description. You can also use the previous search criteria for the article search.

  • The results list of the search displays the current inventory, the available inventory according to ATP (available to promise) and the sales price. You can reduce the displayed inventory and ATP information by the sales quantities from POS data management which have not been posted in SAP ERP yet so that the real-time inventory of the article is displayed.

  • Besides displaying the inventory and ATP information for your own store, you can also display this information for other stores or for other selected site groupings.

  • When a quantity is entered, the items are transferred to the sales order. If a line from another site is selected here, you can decide whether to transport the stock to your own store, to deliver it directly from the other site, or to issue it there.