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 EWM Integration into Manufacturing 2


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central applications

Application Component

Production Orders (PP-SFC)

Process Orders (PP-PI)

Integration Extended Warehouse Management (LE-IEW)

Required Business Function

EWM Integration into Manufacturing (LOG_PP_EWM_MAN)

LE, Extended Warehouse Management Integration (LOG_LE_INTEGRATION)

You can use this business function to manage and execute material staging for production orders and process orders in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). It enables you to post data for material staging and consumption to SAP EWM using the production material request business object, which means that you no longer have to create delivery documents.

The business function also instructs the system to consider by-products when generating expected goods receipts (EGRs) in SAP EWM.


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

    Type of Component


    Required for the Following Features Only

    Software Component

    SAP_APPL 606

    Software Component

    SCM_BASIS 713

    Software Component

    SCMEWM 920

  • You have activated the business function LE, Extended Warehouse Management Integration, LE, Extended Warehouse Management Integration.

  • You have activated the business function EWM Integration into Manufacturing, EWM Integration into Manufacturing.

  • You have activated this business function.

  • You have configured all of the settings for EWM integration in Customizing for Logistics Execution under SAP EWM Integration.


Production Material Request

This business function enables you to use a production material request to manage and execute material staging for production orders and process orders in SAP EWM. Production material requests cannot be used in the areas of repetitive manufacturing or Kanban. Using a production material request means that you no longer have to stage materials using deliveries in SAP ERP. This reduces the amount of deliveries required in SAP ERP and also affords a greater degree of flexibility to SAP EWM.

Before you can use production material requests, you must establish a distribution model for SAP EWM integration. The distribution model must include the StageEWMParts method of the ManufacturingOrder business object.

You must also define a control cycle in which the value for the staging indicator is set to 5 – EWM Staging.

Inclusion of By-Products in Production Orders and Process Orders

This business function enhances the Generate Expected Goods Receipt Documents in SAP EWM report (/SPE/INB_EGR_CREATE). The enhancement specifies that by-products in production orders and process orders are to be considered when the information required to create an expected goods receipt is collected in SAP ERP.

By-products must always be considered together with the main products in the production order or process order. It is not possible to consider by-products on their own.

More Information

For more information about including by-products when generating expected goods receipts, see Creation of Expected Goods Receipt Documents.

For more information about production material requests, see Staging of EWM Parts.