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 PLM Product Modeling Environment in Variant Configuration


Technical Data

Technical Name of the Business Function


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Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

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Application Component

Variant Configuration LO-VC

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Not relevant

With this business function you can use enhancements in the product modeling environment in variant configuration. The product modeling environment provides you with a central tool for maintaining your product model. The enhancements of the business function further simplify the product model maintenance. The enhancements apply to the following areas:

  • Configuration Simulation

    When starting the configuration simulation, you can specify values for object characteristics for specific configuration scenarios.

  • Configurator

    The settings for selecting the configurator were enhanced.

  • BOM maintenance

    • You can create and assign object dependencies to BOM items.

    • You can create selection conditions by using Drag&Drop to pull characteristic values onto BOM items.

  • Characteristics

    You can create new characteristics and assign them to a class.

    You can assign object dependencies and change the following attributes for characteristics:

    • basic data

    • additional data

    • values

    • descriptions

  • Adjust overwritten characteristics to neutral characteristic

    You can copy changes from the neutral characteristic to the overwritten characteristic.

    In doing so, you can make a targeted selection of values, value descriptions in different languages, and object dependencies.

  • Favorites in the worklist

    You can copy the favorites from another user to your favorites.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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not relevant


Configuration Simulation

In the configuration simulation, this business function enables you to use object characteristics to simulate the call of the simulation from a particular application. You can perform the simulation with object characteristics in the following scenarios:

  • Sales order

  • Material variant

For both of these scenarios, you can assign the object characteristics in the simulation so that the assignment screen is displayed depending on the input for the object characteristics.


You have a further option for selecting the configurator. From the basic data for the header material, you can use this business function to select the setting IPC in Production/VC Optional in Simulation. With this setting, you can use the variant configuration for the simularion, even if you are using the IPC in the live system. You can control the settings for the configurator in the simulation under Start of the navigation path Options Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path.


You can make the following changes in the PMEVC for characteristics:

  • You can create new values.

  • You can change the basic data, additional data, descriptions and long texts for characteristics.

  • You can change descriptions and long texts for characteristic values.

  • You can create new characteristics.

  • You can assign characteristics to a class.

Overwriting Characteristics

In the PMEVC you can adapt an overwritten characteristic to the neutral characteristic. The following data can be updated as a result:

  • The values and their descriptions

  • Object dependencies, if no object dependencies have been assigned to the overwritten value yet. If object dependencies were already assigned to a value, the object dependencies of the global characteristic are not copied.

Bills of Material

In the PMEVC, you can display the BOM header and the detail data for the BOM items.

You can assign global object dependencies to BOM items and create global and local object dependencies for BOM items.

In the model tree you can use Drag&Drop to pull values to a BOM item and thus create a selection condition directly. Under Start of the navigation path Options Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path, you can determine whether the selection conditions are to be saved as local or global object dependencies, or whether you want to have a dialog window visible while you are creating the selection windows.


In the worklist, you can copy the favorites of another user to your favorites using the context menu in the corresponding node.