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 Define Additional Quantity Fields


This feature allows you to include additional quantities in your financial reporting.

While financial reporting normally focuses on amounts, you may sometimes wish to include quantities. For example, in the consumer goods industry it is common to convert the quantities in sales documents (such as boxes or pallets) into a quantity that is common across all product lines (such as weight in pounds). This allows quantities to be aggregated across product lines. You can then use these aggregated quantities as allocation drivers in management accounting.

Up to now, only quantities such as the invoice quantity and the delivered quantity were included in financial reporting. The new Define Additional Quantity Fields feature allows you to define multiple quantities for purposes such as profitability analysis. For example, you could define pounds delivered and pounds shipped.

In Customizing, you define a standard unit of measure to ensure that the quantities can be added together. This is necessary if you want to use totals as allocation drivers or in top-down distribution. If you specify a standard unit of measure, the line item table of the record is updated using this standard unit of measure.

You also have the option of implementing a BAdI interface for the calculation of additional quantities per COEP.

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SAP Simple Finance add-on 1.0 SPS03 for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

Effects on Customizing

The following IMG activities have been added under Start of the navigation path Controlling Next navigation step General Controlling Next navigation step Additional Quantities End of the navigation path:

  • Define Additional Quantity Fields

    In this activity you define the additional quantity fields and their dimensions, and assign them to controlling areas.

  • BAdI: Interface for Additional Quantities

    In this activity you implement the BAdI interface for calculating additional quantities per COEP line item with external postings.

More Information

For detailed information, see the documentation for the IMG activities Define Additional Quantity Fields and BAdI: Interface for Additional Quantities.