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 Master Data Governance for Supplier (ERP)


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Master Data Governance, Generic Functions MDG_FOUNDATION)

You can use this business function to replicate the supplier master data to different business systems within the central supplier master data governance.


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Portal Content

  • Business Package for Finacial BPERPFINMDM

  • Business Package for Material BPERPMDGM

  • Business Package for Supplier BPERPMDGS

Caution Caution

This business function must not be activated if there is an active Industry Extension (IE) on the same system. A validation of such a combination must take place in advance. Please get in touch with the appropriate SAP contact.

End of the caution.


  • The mass data load enables you to extract data from a client system and to upload this data into the master data hub. The extraction of supplier, vendor and business partner data from SRM and ERP systems throughout different releases is supported - in the case of previous releases by using the existing functions.

  • Within the governance process, change requests are used to control the creation and change of a supplier and the supplier data is stored temporarily. The change requests are forwarded automatically to a master data specialist. As soon as the change request gets approved the new supplier master data is stored in the master data tables.

  • The governance process includes a duplicate check to avoid the creation of duplicates.


  • Master Data Governance for Supplier neither supports time dependency for central data and address usages nor time validity for addresses and bank details. Therefore, it cannot run on clients using SAP Business Partner with time dependency and time validity for other purposes.

  • SRM One client systems are not supported as client for Master Data Governance for Supplier.

  • An installation of Master Data Governance for Supplier on an SRM One Client system as hub is not supported.

  • Master Data Governance for Supplier only supports the reuse of certain field modification criteria. In addition, the system only considers the customizing of required fields. It is not possible to hide or display fields only within the Master Data Governance for Supplier user interface.