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 Retail, Import of Promotional Data and Funct. Enhancements


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Retail (EA-RET)

Retail, Bonus Buy (ISR_RETAIL_BONUS_BUY)

You can use this business function to take advantage of enhanced integration between SAP Retail for SAP ERP and SAP Promotion Management for Retail (SAP PMR). SAP Retail can now process promotion information sent by SAP PMR and subsequently process procurement, allocation, and download to SAP Point-of-Sale (SAP POS).



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SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BW Content, Add-On 5, SP00

Business Intelligence


Creation of Offer IDs

For every Retail Event Creation message received from SAP PMR, one retail promotion from SAP ERP will be created with a promotion header, assigned articles, assigned stores, and planned sales quantities at the article level.

In addition, the PMR offer ID will be stored in SAP ERP in case an external system sends changes via the new service operation. The offer ID has to be accepted during inbound processing, stored in the database and exported via the outbound service operation.

Enhanced Search Help

With this business function activated, you can now search for SAP PMR promotions using the Create Promotion (WAK1) or Change Promotion (WAK2) transactions in SAP ERP. This is possible either by accessing the search help on the Ref. Promo. or Promotion field.

Enhancements have been made to the Promotions by Generating Application search help. A new Promotions by Offer search help has been created, allowing you to query by:

  • Promotion name

  • On sale from

  • On sale to

  • Creation application

  • Offer ID

Overruling Pricing Reference Article Relations

Activating this business function will provide you with a fourth promotion type which will allow the overruling of pricing reference articles to accommodate generic articles or variants in SAP ERP.

A price article has different dependent articles which are linked to this price reference article. If the price of this article changes, the prices of the dependent articles changes as well if they don't have a price of their own. Price reference articles define equal pricing relations among different articles.

You can view and configure this new promotion type in Customizing by choosing Logistics - General -> Retail Promotion -> Promotion Type.

New Enterprise Services

By activating the business function Retail, ERP Inbound Promotions (ISR_RETAIL_PROMO), you are able to use the following SOA services under the Retail Event Management process component for the integration of promotion data to SAP ERP:

  • Activate Retail Event Offer (RetailEventOfferActivationRequest_In)

  • Confirm Retail Event Offer Activation (RetailEventOfferActivationConfirmation_Out)

  • Deactivate Retail Event Offer (RetailEventOfferDeactivationRequest_In)

  • Replicate Retail Event (RetailEventReplicationRequest_In)

  • Confirm Retail Event Replication (RetailEventReplicationConfirmation_Out)