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 Administration of Decision Management in Student Lifecycle Management


As of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, Industry Extension Public Services, the Business Function Administering Decision Functions for Higher Education Institutions (ISHERCM_ADM_DECISION) is available that enables you to maintain various decisions such as admission offers, initial registration, reregistration, leave of absence, and part-time study.

Effects On Existing Data

The following changes were made to the existing functions:

• A new tab Health Insurance in the student master data screen (PIQSTC/PIQSTM/PIQSTD) now allows you to maintain health insurance data for students.


  • Create and maintain course offering catalogs for the various course offerings available at your institution, using a customizable user interface.

  • Create and maintain admission procedures which publish course offerings in specific academic sessions.

  • Set and apply capacity allocation rules for admission restricted course offerings using allocation schemes.

  • Process study package/ranking lists and perform various functions such as sorting applications, allocating admission places and approving allocations, based on various quotas applied to course offerings.

  • Create and process decisions used in the following processes:

    1. Admissions

    2. Initial Registration

    3. Reregistration

    4. Part-time study requests

    5. Leave of absence requests

    6. Customer-defined decision types

• Process-specific decisions in mass run reports.

More Information

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