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 Work Clearance Management: Stepwise Tagging and Work Permit Management


Technical Data

Technical name of business function


Type of business function

Enterprise business function

Available as of

SAP enhancement package 605 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical usage

Central applications

Application component

SAP Work Clearance Management (PM-WCM)

Required enterprise extension

PLM Extension EA-PLM

Required business function

Not relevant

This business function allows you to use various new features for processes in work clearance management.


You have installed the following components with the version mentioned or higher:

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Only Required for the Following Functions

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This business function enables the functions described below.

Stepwise Tagging
  • You can assign an Operational WCD to a WCM-relevant operation.

  • You can assign an operational step to a WCM-relevant operation.

  • You can split an Operational WCD into operational steps. The status of these steps is set in the same way as for the Operational WCD header. You therefore have the option of stepwise tagging for an Operational WCD.

For more information, see Stepwise Tagging.

Work Permit Management
  • The user interface is now more flexible, enabling easy adaptation of the screen fields for different industry sectors and customers

    • Free choice of terms for individual WCM objects

    • Open layout of screen for individual WCM objects

  • Additional screen elements, such as Work, Requirements and Validity are provided.

  • List processing has been enhanced with additional functions, so that you can execute a range of work steps from list processing, such as creating, changing, or copying work permits.

For more information, see Work Permit Management and View Profiles for WCM Objects.