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 Retail, Direct Store Delivery Master Data New Features


Technical Data

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Type of Business Function

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SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage


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Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Retail, Direct Store Delivery (ISR_RETAIL_DSD)

You can use this business function to handle multiple vendors for one article in one store simultaneously and to maintain sales prices by sales price calculation within the DSD master data workbench.:

  • Two new fields in the personal settings screen to switch on/off the use of the two new features

  • An additional screen to maintain the Main Vendor Indicator for given article-store combinations

  • Additional toolbar functions on the Pricing Data screen to support sales price calculations.


In order to use this business function, you must have activated the business function Retail, Direct Store Delivery (ISR_Retail_DSD).

You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Software Component

EA-Retail 605


Multiple Vendors, Pricing Data Maintenance Using Sales Price Calculation

In the retail direct store delivery (DSD) business process, the change in the regional delivery responsibilities of distributors forces the retailer to change the business relationships. The transaction WDSD_WB (DSD Master Data Workbench) allows you to maintain supply relationships and pricing conditions for DSD articles within the same transaction/application. The new features facilitate DSD processing from a master data maintenance perspective by offering the following:

  • Handling of multiple vendors for one article in one store simultaneously

  • Calculation of sales prices based on a store-specific purchase price; application of a given mark-up to the related store-specific sales price will be computed.