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 Retail, Store & Multichannel 3


Technical Data

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SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Application Component

SAP Retail Store (LO-SRS)

Retail and Consumer Goods (BW-BCT-ISR)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Retail, Store & Multichannel (ISR_RETAIL_STORE)

With this business function, you can use the SAP Retail Store inventory management functions with a new and user-friendly Web-dynpro interface. This way, store employees are enabled to manage the inventories at store-level both efficiently, quickly, and conveniently. The design of the interface allows for quicker training of users.

The functions have been converted by the SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) to ABAP Web Dynpro interface technology. The interface content is delivered by way of the SAP NetWeaver Portal in the role Store Retailing.

The new solution is designed for desktops and laptops. It runs with the browsers supported by ABAP Web Dynpro and is permanently connected online with the ERP.

The interface adheres exactly to SAP's User Interface Strategy

  • It has multiple configuration options

  • It supports roles

  • It supports personalized work environments

  • It can be run in the portal


The switch TRADE_STORE_SFWS_UI_3 makes visible the related IMG nodes under Start of the navigation path Logistics General Next navigation step SAP Retail Store End of the navigation path.

Via the switch MRM_SFWS_PLNT_GL, this business function switches the following small extension to the ITS-based SAP Retail Store: In the inbound invoice application, in the general ledger accounts, the current store is written to the database (field RBCO-WERKS). Note: This function is also switched by business function LOG_MMFI_P2P from the purchasing area.


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In order to use this business function, you must have activated the business function ISR_RETAIL_STORE_2.


The new solution supports all business processes of inventory management at store level and is fully integrated into SAP ERP. The functions contain:

  • Store stock transfers

  • Stock adjustment

  • Goods receipt

  • Store orders

  • Physical inventory

  • Overview of open goods receipts

  • Article search.