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 Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects Improvements


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 5, SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications (EA-APPL)

Application Component

Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects (PM-EQM-THO)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects (LOG_EAM_TOHO)

The Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects application supports the electronic exchange of a technical object structure (for example, a jet engine) with a business partner by generating an XML file which consists of the object structure, while at the same time executing a number of follow-up activities related to the asset in your ERP system. The generated XML document is 'handed over' to the business partner who then 'takes over' the technical objects. You can use this business function to enhance your portfolio of takeover/handover enhancements.


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Business Package for Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects 1.51


Enablement of Unique Item Identifiers

Unique item identifiers (UII) can be used to uniquely identify technical objects.

Update Equipment That Are Not BOM Headers

Previously, existing equipment for which equipment BOM header data was not entered in database tables EQST and STKO could not be converted into equipment BOM headers using the update function within the takeover update process, even if BOM items were assigned to the equipment. This led to the situation that the subordinate BOM items (either inserted manually or coming from the XML file) could not be created. Existing equipment which are not BOM headers can now be converted into equipment BOM headers by choosing Update during the takeover update process even if BOM items are assigned to the equipment in the working area. For example, if a new BOM item is manually inserted beneath a piece of equipment which is not a BOM header, the superordinate equipment becomes the BOM header upon creation of this new BOM item.

Improved Handling of BAPI Messages

Even if a BAPI runs successfully, it may still return many information messages. You now have more options for handling these messages. There is a new indicator Basic Log Detail Level in the Select Takeover Profile area of the takeover selection screen. If you set this indicator the messages are handled as follows:

  • If a BAPI ran successfully, only one message is returned stating that the BAPI has run successfully.

  • If the BAPI did not run successfully, only error messages coming from the BAPI (without success or information messages) are returned.

Material Number Update

In a subcontracting scenario, a subcontractor may exchange the material number of an existing piece of equipment (a material number upgrade), but the equipment number (physical equipment) remains the same. During the takeover process, the application can now recognize that only the material number has been exchanged and triggers an update of the piece of equipment instead of identifying the object as a new piece of equipment which is to be created. To do this, the takeover file must contain the information about the previous material number.

Example Example

  1. Handover of equipment ‘123’, material ‘A’, serial number ‘S1’

  2. Subcontractor changes material number from ‘A’ to ‘B’

  3. Handover at subcontractor's site: handover file (e.g. XML file) contains the information equipment ‘888’ (subcontractor’s own ID), previous material number ‘A’, ‘external’ material number ‘B’, serial number ‘S1’

  4. Takeover identifies equipment ‘123’ by searching with material ‘A’ and serial number ‘S1’ -> no new equipment is created.

End of the example.
Long Material Number

Long material numbers can be used in the following scenarios:

  • During handover, you can now send 40-digit material numbers in the XML file.

  • The takeover application can now handle 40-digit material numbers in the XML file.

  • The takeover application enables you to do the mapping during upload using customer own logic by implementing BAdI BADI_PHIN_DATA_PREPARE, or by manual maintenance of this data after uploading the XML file.

Measuring Points

When technical objects are deactivated during handover or re(activated) during takeover, you can now simultaneously activate/deactivate the measuring the measuring points assigned to the technical objects (functional locations and equipment).

Customer-Specific Checks

BAdI 'BADI_PHIN_CHECK_TOP_OBJECT' is available for implementing additional customer-specific checks. When an existing technical object is specified for handover or takeover (when loading current state/template), the system performs some checks, for example if the technical object is the top hierarchy node. You can use this BAdI to implement further additional checks to guarantee the technical object is ready for handover or takeover.

Specify Technical Objects Using Multiple Serial Numbers

You can now use multiple serial numbers to specify technical objects on the handover/takeover (current state) selection screen in the same way as equipment. Until now, you could only specify a single serial number.

Enhanced Functions for Expanding/Collapsing Technical Object Hierarchy

You can now expand and collapse the hierarchy either by one level or completely. Note that you may encounter performance problems if the hierarchy contains a large number of objects.

Possibility to Select Maintenance Plans To Be Copied When Using Copy References To Create Technical Objects

On the Create Maintenance Plan tab page, there is a new button Show MPs for Object. On the Maintenance Plans for Copy Reference Object screen, the bottom screen area is new. There is a new BAdI BADI_PHIN_CUST_LOGIC_2 for calculating validity.

Restart Maintenance Plans

Previously you could only activate, deactivate, and schedule maintenance plans. You can now also restart them. There is an additional button Restart MP on the Schedule MP tab page.

Simplified Status Management

Status handling has been simplified.

More Information

For more information, see the SAP Library under SAP ERP Central Component-> Logistics -> Plant Maintenance (PM) -> Equipment and Technical Objects (PM-EQM) -> Technical Objects (CS-BD/PM-EQM) -> Takeover/Handover of Technical Objects.