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 ERP-TMS: Order Integration 3


Technical Data

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Available From

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

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Required Business Function

  • ERP-TMS: Order Integration (LOG_TM_ORD_INT)


  • ERP-TMS: Basic Order Integration (LOG_TM_ORD_INT_TRQ)

When this business function is activated you can:

  • Transfer confirmed quantities which are reflected by acknowledgements for the external purchase order (PO) from SAP ERP to SAP TM. Based on this it is now possible to plan on confirmed quantities for external POs in TM. The system displays the confirmed quantities as items in the user interface of Order-based transportation requirements (OTR). These items have the description “Acknowledgement”.

  • Maintain a handover location (HoL) on header and item level of the external PO. You can maintain a handover date (HoD) for the schedule lines of an external PO. The HoL is represented as a vendor master record in SAP ERP. The new fields are transferred to SAP TM and can be used to build stages based on a stage building rule. The rule determines which stages are built and which stages are relevant for planning. The inbound delivery contains the HoL and HoD on header level. The HoL is transferred from the PO to the inbound delivery. The HoD can be maintained or is transferred from SAP TM into the inbound delivery.  In SAP ERP a new accounting group is provided to maintain the HoL master data as vendor master.

  • Transfer shipment blocking reasons to SAP TM. SAP TM then provides the ability to determine a planning or execution block for the delivery-based transportation requirement (DTR) based on this information. The credit limit status of sales orders  and outbound deliveries is mapped to a delivery block reason and sent to SAP TM. For all delivery block reasons received from SAP ERP, SAP TM can determine whether to create a planning or execution block

  • Maintain shipping types for external POs. The external PO in SAP ERP has been extended to enable the maintenance of shipping types on header level and item level. This information is transferred to SAP TM. It is mapped to the mode of transport in SAP TM.

  • Monitor changes to shipping conditions for sales orders. If you change the shipping condition of a sales orders in SAP ERP, the system determines if this changes the relevance for TM of this sales order and communicate this to SAP TM.


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