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 Sales and Distribution - Replace Index Table for Discounts (VBOX)


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Components

Application Component

Sales and Distribution (SD)

Required Business Function

Not relevant

With this business function, you can optimize the determinaton of billing documents during rebate processing. Billing document determination no longer takes place using index table SD Document: Billing Document: Rebate Index (VBOX), but using the application tables in the Sales and Distribution component (SD).


If you activate this business function, rebate-relevant billing document data is not longer saved redundantly in table VBOX. The update of rebate-relevant billing document data in table VBOX does not take place.


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

    Type of Component


    Required for the Following Features Only

    Software Component

    SAP APPL 6.17

    SAP NetWeaver

    SAP NetWeaver 7.40

  • You have activated the business function.

  • You have carried out the following activities in Customizing for Start of the navigation path Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Billing Next navigation step Rebate Processing End of the navigation path:

    • You can check the assignment of the access fields to the origin fields of the original application tables in the standard system under Billing Document Determination: Standard Mapping.

    • You can assign the access fields to specific customers in order to override or enhance the standard mapping under Billing Document Determination: Customer-Specific Mapping.

      If you manipulate pricing-relevant data, it is necessary to perform customer-specific mapping. This occurs when, for example, user exits or customer enhancements exist for communication structure KOMG.

    • If new retroactively effective accesses are created, you have to reorganize the rebate index under Create Billing Index.

    • For complex scenarios, you can enhance billing document determination without using index table VBOX. To do this, implement business add-in (BAdI) BADI_SD_REBATES_IM under Start of the navigation path Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) Next navigation step BAdI: Enhancements for Rebate-Processing (In-Memory Version) End of the navigation path.


Replacement of Index Table VBOX

As soon as you have activated this business function, no new data for rebate-relevant billing documents is entered in table VBOX. The system determines the billing documents for enhanced rebate-processing using only the application tables in the Sales and Distribution (SD) component.