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Function documentationBatch Selection and Follow-Up Actions in the Batch Information Cockpit


You can use this function in the Batch Information Cockpit (BIC) to find out which batches have been delivered to which customers and how the raw material batches are connected to the finished product batches. You can also tailor the selection in the BIC to meet your customer-specific requirements by defining user group-specific selections for which you use fields from the delivery header, delivery item, and customer master data. You can then choose a follow-up action to display information for the related handling unit.


This function is integrated in the Batch Information Cockpit on the Delivery tab. User group SAP 4 serves as an example. For more information, see Batch Information Cockpit.


To be able to execute the follow-up action in the BIC, you must have made the following settings in Customizing for Batch Information Cockpit under Logistics - General Start of the navigation path Batch Management End of the navigation path:

  • In the Customizing activity Define User Group-Specific Selection, you have defined a user group (such as user group 1) and a selection tab title (such as 0110) and have assigned this to the user group.

  • In Start of the navigation path Follow-Up Actions Next navigation step Define Follow-Up Actions End of the navigation path, you have checked that follow-up action SAP4 (CFB: List: Pallet / Delivery / Customer) has been entered.

  • In Start of the navigation path Follow-Up Actions Next navigation step Follow-Up Actions: Assign User Groups End of the navigation path, you have assigned your user group (such as user group 1) to follow-up action SAP4 (CFB: List: Pallet / Delivery / Customer).


In the BIC on the Delivery tab, you can search for batches using the following selection criteria:

  • Customer

  • Name

  • Reference document (usually the sales order number)

  • Reference item (usually the sales order item)

  • Delivery

  • Item

  • Delivery Date

Once you have selected the relevant batches, you can use the follow-up action CFB: List: Pallet / Delivery / Customer in the BIC to determine which customers have received these batches.


  • On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Central Functions Next navigation step Batch Management Next navigation step Batch Information Cockpit End of the navigation path and switch to a user group by choosing Restart (Restart) and selecting one from the list.

  • Choose the Delivery tab, enter the relevant selection criteria, and choose Execute Selection. In the screen area Selection Result for Batches, you see the selected batches.

  • At the top of the Selection Result for Batches screen area, choose the Select Subsequent Action pushbutton and then the entry CFB: List: Pallet / Delivery / Customer.

  • Select (mark) all the entries and choose HU Content. The handling units that belong to the selected batches are listed. The customer deliveries and the goods recipients are displayed and you can see which customer deliveries are affected by the selected batches.