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 Simplified Worklists for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies


Technical Data

Technical name of business function


Type of business function

Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Applications

Application Component

SAP Logistics (LO)

Dependent business function that also needs to be activated

Simplified Sales Processes in Sales and Distribution 02 LOG_SD_SIMP_02

With this business function you can create Personal Worklists for the work areas of sales employees and warehouse specialists. Each worklist contains special business objects that the system lists according to specific selection criteria. Since the personal worklists also provide special functions for editing, sales employees can update data for the sales process and, likewise, warehouse specialists can update data for goods receipt processing. They can then execute the subsequent process steps.


The SAP Enterprise Portal provides worksets with reusable functions in the Workset for Reuse in Roles that you can use in your own roles as required. The Work Center Pool role ( of the Business Package for Common Parts comprises the objects that are available in Worksets for Reuse in Roles.

The personal worklists of this business function are delivered with the following business packages of the SAP NetWeaver Portal:

  • Business Package for Service Providers

    The system administrator must assign the Service Provider workset to the existing Internal Sales Representative role.

  • Business Package for Warehouse Operations

    The system administrator must assign the Warehouse Operations workset to the existing Warehouse Specialist role.


You have installed the following components as of the above-mentioned version:

Component Type


Required for the following functions only

Software Component


Portal content

Business Package for Common Parts 1.4


The business function provides the following personal worklists for sales employees:

  • Resource-Related Billing

    This personal worklist speeds up the billing process. Sales representatives can create a list with project-oriented sales document items, such as sales order items or contract items with an assigned WBS element. Upon confirmation of the resources used, they can invoice the customer for the services performed.

    The following functions support the billing process:

    • You can display or change the SD document.

    • You can display the WBS element of a document item.

    • You can create the billing request for a sales order or with reference to a WBS element from a customer project.

  • Billing / Complaint

    This personal worklist now provides additional billing data (header and item data). Sales representatives can obtain the following information:

    • Accounting document number

    • Clearing date

    • Due date

    • Last dunning date

The business function provides the following personal worklist for warehouse specialists:

  • Inbound Deliveries

    This personal worklist accelerates goods receipt processing. The warehouse specialist who is responsible for receiving the goods and posting the goods receipt can monitor the goods movement and coordinate process steps with other areas of the delivery chain.