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 Order Split


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Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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This business function enables you to use the enhanced functionality for the order split. This functionality enhances the existing functions for the PP confirmation, the MM goods movements, and the corresponding CO postings. The enhancements allow greater flexibility with regard to how the child order can be created. This ensures greater transparency in the operations and confirmations of the parent and child order and facilitates a meaningful plan/actual comparison for parent and child order.

The new functions enable you to respond more flexibly to unforeseen events in production, changed customer requirements, or changes in production order priorities.

The apportionment of the planned costs between parent and child order is carried out on in proportion to quantities up to the split operation. This facilitates meaningful comparison of planned and actual costs.


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No Customizing settings are necessary to use the functionality.

If you wish to use WIP batches in addition to the order split functionality, you must activate the business function LOG_PP_WIP_BATCH and activate the functionality in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Logistics General Next navigation step Batch Management Next navigation step WIP Batches Next navigation step Activate WIP Batch End of the navigation path.


There may be various reasons for an order split:

  • Part of the quantity manufactured is faulty and has to be postprocessed or can only be used to manufacture a different product.

  • The customer has changed his requirements and production must be adjusted as quickly as possible.

  • The priorities of the production plan are changed and already started production orders have to be postponed.

  • Necessary machines or tools are defective.

The order split comprises the following functionality:

  • The planned costs can be charged proportionally to the child order.

  • Co- and by-products can be transferred proportionally to the child order

  • The split history is extended

  • The split quantity can be suggested from planned independent requirements, WIP batches, or component batches.

  • Use of the material ledger is supported.

  • If batches are adopted in the child order, the batch where-used list is updated accordingly.

  • You can adopt the configuration data of another sales order for the child order.

You can choose several split methods for the order split:

  • Split and creation of child order with same material

  • Split and creation of child order with different material

  • Split in which the semifinished product manufactured to date is placed in storage