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 XSteps, Campaign Weighing

Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


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Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP ERP Enhancement Package 2005.2,Enterprise Extension SCM EA-SCM 602

Technical Usage

Central applications

ECC Application Component


Supplementary Constituents in Further SAP Applications

An example application (template) can be downloaded for SAP xMII 11.5 in the Manufacturing area of the SAP Developer Network (SDN). URL:

Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Not relevant


This business function enables you to use functional enhancements resulting from the practical experience acquired by our live customers for the standard XStep repository in the process industry.

In addition, this business function contains Customizing and interface functions that can be used in the realization of applications for campaign weighing by means of SAP xMII. These applications support you if you want to weigh materials from several process orders simultaneously and automatically adopt the results of the weighing in the associated process orders.


The functions in the area of the standard XStep repository enhance the existing XStep functionality from the Enterprise Extension EA-SCM. They are activated via Customizing settings.

The functions for campaign weighing from this business function support you in the development of a suitable customer-specific application in SAP xMII. A template showing what an xMII application might look like can be found in the download area of the SAP Developer Network under the following address: . Choose the entry Manufacturing in the Available Downloads area. There you will find further XMII application templates.


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You activate the new functions in the area of the standard XStep repository in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Production Planning Process Industry Next navigation step Process Management Next navigation step Execution Steps (XSteps) Next navigation step Settings for the Standard XStep Repository End of the navigation path .

You make the necessary settings for campaign weighing in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Production Planning Process Industry Next navigation step Campaign Weighing End of the navigation path .


New Features for the Standard XStep Repository
  • Use in environment in which approval is mandatory

    You can use an approval procedure for standard XSteps that comprises controlled status management and the digital signature for certain statuses, enabling comprehensive documentation of the changes made to a version.

    Standard XSteps: Approval Procedure

  • Where-used list

    At the level of the standard XStep, you can perform the where-used function via the context menu. The where-used function checks whether the standard XStep is referenced in process orders or recipes, or in the repository.

    Standard XSteps

  • Export and Import of Standard XStep Objects

    You can transfer standard XStep objects to another repository using XML-based export and import functions.

    Export and Import of Standard XStep Objects

  • Automatic number assignment and automatic calculation of the validity period for new versions.

    You can specifiy that automatic number assignment is possible for the versions of a standard XStep.You can specify that the valid-from date of a version is to be determined by the system. Manual entries for the valid-to date are then not possible.

    Standard XSteps: Versioning

Campaign Weighing

Campaign weighing can be used in the process industry to weigh materials for several process orders at the same time. The campaign weighing component updates the process orders for materials that have already been campaign-weighed. Once the materials for a process order have been weighed, they cannot be reweighed.

This component is developed in the ERP back end and uses SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP xMII) to display the user interface and process user interactions. You can use visualization and integration tools from SAP xMII to create or enhance your solution.

You can do the following in the ERP system:

  • Choose campaign-weighed and order-related materials for weighing

  • Choose weigh scales

  • Check the status of weigh scales

You can display the following data on your screen using the SAP xMII template:

  • Weight values of the weigh scale

  • Visualization of the weighing process (if supported by the manufacturer of the weigh scale)

  • Comments and confirmation messages on the weight which update the process order

See also Campaign Weighing .