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 Retail, Direct Store Delivery


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SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4

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Retail (EA-RET)

This business function provides you with a new, intuitive, and user-friendly application that enables you to more conveniently process the master data that is required to control processes in a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) environment. The new application combines numerous existing master data transactions in one application – whereas the user previously had to carry out master data processing in different transactions.

The application is suitable for all Retail customers who use DSD processes (direct store delivery). It supports category managers or other personnel who process master data in the DSD area when they define supplier relationships and when they process store-specific purchase and sales prices.


In order to use this business function, you must have activated the business function EA-RET.

You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

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In the trading business process Direct Store Delivery, changes to regional responsibilities often force the vendors or retailers to change their supplier relationships. The new application streamlines the execution of DSD processes by simplifying the processing of the required master data:

  • Using a new, mass-data-capable user interface, the category manager can very easily create and change supplier relationships — and he can do this for multiple vendors, stores and articles simultaneously.

  • The new user interface for display and processing of store-specific purchase prices, sales prices and promotion prices supports the category manager in determining the optimal sales prices.