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 Generation of Classification and Variant Configuration Views


With this function, you can generate SAP HANA views that contain classification or variant configuration data. The resulting views contain the business objects and their characteristics in a format suitable for analytic means. The difference between a classification and a variant configuration view is the following:

  • The classification view reflects data from the classification persistency.

  • The variant configuration view reflects data from the configuration persistency.

Technical Details

Technical Name (of Product Feature)


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

SAP_BS_FND_747 (variant configuration views); SAP_BS_FND_731 (classification views)

Application Component



SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP04) for SAP ERP 7.0 (variant configuration views); SAP Business Suite Foundation 7.31 (SP07) (classification views)

Business Function


Existing Data

Using this function to generate SAP HANA views does not influence your existing system data. It only provides an additional means of analytical reporting.

System Administration

To use this function with report BSCL_CLASS_VIEW_GENERATION, you need to have your system connected to a SAP HANA system. For details, see note 1892589Information published on SAP site.

Your system administrator must create a database connection with a user having the authorization to create and activate repository objects, such as SAP HANA views, in your system.


No particular customizing settings are required to use this function. However, the new class type 399 is available for the generation of variant configuration views. You either need to use this new class type or create your own class type. We recommend to use class type 399. For more information, see note 1988984Information published on SAP site.

See also

For more information about the function, see the documentation of the report BSCL_CLASS_VIEW GENERATION.

See also the following consulting SAP Notes:

  • 1892589Information published on SAP site (Additional Information on SAP HANA Live Classification Views)

  • 1987669Information published on SAP site (Additional Information on SAP HANA Live Variant Configuration Views)

  • 1988984Information published on SAP site (FAQ - Creation of Own Class Type for HANA View Generation for VC Data)