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 Specification Management: Change for Inbound Processing

Specification Management (Changed)

This enhancement is part of the release note PS: Management of Exposure Scenarios - Inbound Processing

As of SAP enhancement package 7 SP 08 for SAP ERP 6.0, the Specification Management (EHS-BD-SPE) component contains the following new functions:

New Function
New Identification Listings

The following new identification listings are available in the Customizing activity Check Identification Listing:

  • D_ESC_SUPP: Identifiers for supplier name

  • D_ESC_SMTN: Identifiers for supplier material name

  • D_ESC_RSE: Identifiers for supplier material (input help)

  • D_ESC_CMP: Identifiers for component assignment (input help)

  • D_ESC_SMNR: Identifiers for supplier material number