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 Manufacturing Information System


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SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 3

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Material Requirements Planning PP-MRP

Order Information System PP-SFC-IS

This business function enables you to utilize additional evaluations in material requirements planning. The new functions are especially suitable for customers that use range-of-coverage evaluations.

Numerous enhancements for the Order Information System and in mass processing offer additional options for the analysis of planning data and the simultaneous processing of large numbers of orders.


The existing evaluations in material requirements planning have been extended. Among other things, you can define material-specific limit values for important materials in order to identify critical items.

This business function also provides an extraction report with which you can very quickly extract mass data from material requirements planning and transfer this data to customer-specific applications.

You can use the Order Information System and mass processing for planned orders, production orders, and process orders. The Order Information System has been extended through the addition of new list types, so that you can now evaluated the header data of selected orders.

In mass processing, the confirmation has been enhanced (among other things). You can now enter the real actual quantities.


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You make the settings for the range-of-coverage evaluation in Customizing for Material Requirements Planning under Evaluations.


  • Enhancements in the collective displays of material requirements planning

  • Evaluation of range-of-coverage data

  • Mass extraction of planning data

  • Enhancements to order report

  • Enhancements to Order Information System

  • Enhancements in mass processing