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 Performance Optimizations for MRP


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

Available From

SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for SAP HANA

SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Application Component

Material Requirements Planning (PP-MRP)

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You can use this business function to activate performance optimizations for your production planning system. Using Material Requirements Planning (MRP) as part of your daily business, the material, supply and demand data in your system can amount to several million records. By activating this business function, you can significantly improve performance for your MRP processes. The business function is enhanced regularly. Which MRP functions and processes have been optimized depends on the corresponding release status:

  • As of SAP Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0 Version for SAP HANA, a read optimization for the internal table MDPSX is available. This table contains all the supply and demand items that are relevant for MRP and evaluations. Using this read optimization, displaying your collective stock and requirements situation (MD07) or planning transactions (such as MD01 or the report RMMRP000) are speeded up.

  • As of SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, support package 01, this business function also provides you with the new planning report, MRP Live (technical name: PPH_MRP_DISPATCHER). MRP Live executes an in-memory planning run, supports existing MRP functions (with few exceptions), and also provides new selection criteria for the planning run. For example, MRP Live provides the following new selection options:

    • You can plan a selected material in a selected plant (such as a distribution center) and its supplying plant (such as a production plant).

    • You can plan the distribution of a selected material across several selected plants.

    • You can plan a selected material in a selected plant and its supplying plants and the components in the production plants — multi-level and across the complete supply chain.

    • You can plan all the materials for which one MRP controller is responsible.

    The MRP Live report (with the technical name PPH_MRP_DISPATCHER is a copy of the existing report RMMRP000) and provides the following options for carrying out the planning run:

    • MRP Live (transaction MD01N which is a copy of transaction MD01) calls MRP in HANA

    • MRP Live (transaction MD01N which is a copy of transaction MD01) calls classic MRP

    Which planning run is used depends on the MRP parameters defined for the materials in the material master record and in Customizing.

    For more information about this new planning report, see Carrying Out the Planning Run Using MRP Live.

  • As of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, support package 02, the business function has been further enhanced with the following features:

    • The MRP Live report can now also plan materials with the procurement type “production” in MRP Live on HANA.

    • Materials with the MRP type Reorder point planning can now also be planned in MRP Live on HANA.

    • Consumption of planned independent requirements can now be performed during the planning run. That is, materials with planned independent requirements can also be planned in MRP Live on HANA.

  • For enhancements implemented for further SPs, please refer to SAP note 1914010Information published on SAP site.

Note Note

The optimizations provided in this business function are available for customers who have installed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on the SAP HANA database SAP's own in-memory database.

End of the note.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Required for the Following Features Only

Software Component


Software Component



You have activated the following enhancement spot along with the Business Add-In (BAdI) that belongs to it:

  • Database-Specific Optimization (PPH_DBSYS_OPT) enhancement spot

  • Optimization for Reading Supply and Demand (PPH_MDPSX_DBSYS_OPT) BAdI

    You also need to assign this BAdI to filter value HDB which is specific to the SAP HANA database.

Total Requirements (Customer Requirements and Dependent Requirements)

Total requirements are no longer supported in this process irrespective of whether you carry out your planning using the classic planning runs such as MD01 with the read optimization for MDPSX or the new planning run in MRP Live (MD01N) either with planning on HANA or with classic MRP.

Before activating the business function, therefore, you have to make sure that you have no total requirements in your system. For more information on how to proceed in this case, see Prerequisite: Clean Up Total Requirements.


This business function provides the prerequisites for reading your stock, supply and demand data in an optimized way in SAP HANA. The improvement is achieved through the aggregation and SAP HANA-internal parallelization of reading different types of demands (customer and dependent requirements) and supplies in the MRP records, for example, for the following tables:

  • RESB (aggregation)

  • VBBE (aggregation)

  • PLAF (parallelization)

  • EBAN (parallelization)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) reads inventory, material receipts and requirements to detect material shortages. For this purpose, MRP creates planned orders or purchase requisitions that cover the material shortages. In a make-to-stock scenario all demand for one material in one plant for one day is covered by a single planned order or purchase requisition (unless the maximum lot size is less than the material shortage). Therefore, make-to-stock demand for one material in one plant and one day, customer demand as well as dependent demand can be aggregated on an in-memory database. As a consequence, the volume of data that has to be transferred from the database server to the application server and processed by the application logic is reduced considerably.

Features not Supported by MRP with SAP HANA

Business Add-Ins are not Processed

Both the read optimization and MRP Live do not process BAdIs for materials that are completely planned in SAP HANA. Therefore, for example, when using this business function, the BAdI: Change Data when Importing MDPSX (MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA) does not work correctly.

MRP List Creation in the Planning Run

If you plan using MD01 along with the read optimization for MDPSX, the system can create an MRP list at the end of the planning run depending on your settings on the initial screen. However, it only displays customer and dependent requirements aggregated on a daily basis. If you want to see the individual requirements, you have to access the stock/requirements list.

If you plan your materials using the MRP Live report, the system creates no MRP list in the planning run. Only in the case of inconsistent material data does the system display a termination MRP list. As an alternative, you can use the stock/requirements list to view the results of the planning run.

Total Requirements

Total requirements are not supported when planning with SAP HANA as the requirements can be aggregated at runtime. See prerequisites above.

Features not Supported by MRP Live

If you plan your materials using the new MRP Live report, the following features are not supported or have changed:

  • Planning file entries in table MDVM

  • Planning sequence of plants in table T439C

  • Planning horizon

  • Creation indicator for purchase requisitions

  • Creation indicator for delivery schedule lines

  • Destinations for parallel processing in Table T462A

  • Subcontractor planning segments (PLAAB26)

System behavior has changed for the following:

  • Dealing with planned orders and purchase requisitions from previous planning runs

  • Maximum number of purchase order proposals

Processes that have not been optimized for MRP Live:

  • Multi-level, make-to-order planning

  • Individual project planning

For a complete list of these features with information on possible alternatives, see MRP Live: Incompatible Changes

For a list of incompatible changes that are more of a temporary nature, refer to the SAP Note 1914010Information published on SAP site


  • If you are using an Industry Business Solution, refer to the SAP Note 1811543Information published on SAP site. Here, you can find detailed information about the functions that cannot be used with this business function. Please check that you do not use the functions described in the note before you activate this business function.

  • Currently, not all the MRP transactions can benefit from the read optimization. An optimization with the read optimization is not possible in the following cases:

    • Long-term planning: MSBT, MS01, MS02, and MS03

    • Long-term planning evaluation: MS04, MS07, MSC7

    • Pegging: MD4C and MD09

    • MRP evaluation: MD43

  • A read optimization is only possible for the following transactions:

    • Operational planning: MDBT, MD01, MD02, and MD03

    • Master production scheduling: MDBS, MD40, MD41, and MD42

    • Stock/requirements overview: MD07, MD04, and MDC7

    • MRP evaluations: MD44, MD45, MD46, MD47, and MD48