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 Materials Management

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SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 2

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Materials Management (MM)

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Not relevant


This business function makes enhancements in Materials Management available. These enhancements affect physical inventory documents, invoice verifications, capacity checks for good receipts, and the purchasing data in BI Content and DataSources.


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Business Intelligence Content

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Content Add-On 3, SP06


This business function offers you the following additional functions for materials management:

  • Description for physical inventory documents

    For physical inventory documents, there is a new description field. You can enter a description in order to name the physical inventory document. For example, you can enter "Inventory of Men's Shirts" in the description field.

  • Invoice verification

    • In the invoice items, a field for the complaints reason is available in transactions MIRO, MIR6, and MIR7. You can enter a reason for invoice reduction in invoice verification and specify a reason for invoice reduction for each item in an invoice.

    • You can use the new method COMPLAIN in the business object incoming invoice (object type 2081). You can use this method or the related IDoc for invoice items about which you have a complaint, to send an invoice reduction to the vendor in electronic form. Previously, you could only print out this information.

    • You can also extract data from volume-based rebate management to the BI system and display it, in order to initiate changes to the volume rebate agreements.

  • Capacity check for goods receipt

    When you create a purchase order you can run a capacity check for the goods receipt. Previously, there was no check on the delivery date of a planned delivery regarding sufficient capacity in the goods receiving area of a warehouse.When the goods are delivered to a door of a goods receiving area that has no available capacity, this may cause bottlenecks in the goods receiving area of a warehouse. However, another door may have available capacity at that time.

    For more information about goods receipt capacity checks, see SAP Library Materials Management, under Start of the navigation path Purchasing Next navigation step Order Optimizing Next navigation step Goods Receipt Capacity Check. End of the navigation path

  • BI Content purchasing data

    You can use enhanced BI Content for SAP ERP Purchasing Data in your BI system.

  • DataSource purchasing data

    You can use the DataSource purchasing data (schedule line level) in extended form. You need an extended ERP DataSource to generate a demand history in service parts planning in SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) using data from SAP ERP.

For more information about the demand history, see SAP Library SAP Supply Chain Management under Start of the navigation path SAPAdvanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) Next navigation step Service Parts Planning Next navigation step Demand History Creation. End of the navigation path