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 MM, Integration Materials Management and Financial Accounting


Technical Data

Technical name of the business function


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Enterprise Business Function

Available as of

SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Central Application

ECC software component


ECC application component

Materials Management (MM), Financial Accounting (FI)

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You can use this business function to optimize integration between the individual processes in cross-application processes. The enhancements of this business function enable better sharing of processes, from procurement in purchasing to settlement in financial accounting.


With this business function, you can use the following functions in cross-application processes:

  • You can record down payment data at header and item level in purchase orders. This data is copied to financial accounting as default values, and can also be changed there.

    The report RM06DPMONITOR enables you to select purchase orders which contain down payment data.

    For more information, see Down Payment and Down Payment Request.

  • You can clear down payments made without going to financial accounting transactions, directly in logistics invoice verification. The down payment clearing document can be posted together with the invoice document. For more information, see Down Payment Clearing.

  • You can record retention data at header and item level in purchase orders. This data is copied to logistics invoice verification as default values, and can also be changed there.

    You can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) Default Values and Input Parameters for Retention (MRM_RETENTIONS) to define customer-specific logic for proposing retention data in the transactions of logistics invoice verification, and define whether the proposed values can be changed.

    You can use the BAPIs BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE and BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE to create and change retentions for contracts.

    For more information see Retention and Retention Processing.

    You can suppress follow-on activities for purchase order items in which the final delivery indicator or final invoice indicator is set. You can use the BAdI Set Delivery Completed Indicator (MB_GOODSMOVEMENT_DCI) to implement customer-specific logic for controlling when the delivery completed indicator is set for a purchase order item.

  • You can check when entering an incoming invoice whether the goods receipt has occurred at the agreed time. The system checks the document date of the goods receipt against the delivery dates defined in the purchase order.

  • You can check when entering an incoming invoice whether the invoicing party is allowed as a payee. The system uses data from the purchase order and Customizing to determine this.

    You can use the BAdI Check Partner Data from Purchase Order (MRM_PARTNER_CHECK) to implement the customer-specific logic according to which the system checks the partner data.

  • When entering an incoming invoice on the G/L Account tab page, you can enter data in the Plant field.

  • A new editor is available for entering internal info record memos and purchase order texts in purchasing info records, in which you can enter continuous text with wordwrap.

  • You can use the BAdI Enrich ALV Output Tables in Reporting (ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUST) to influence reporting data in the Purchasing (MM-PUR) and Services (MM-SRV) components, provided that it is displayed using ALV grid control.

  • You can select and remove scheduling agreement releases (forecast delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules), in order to improve the performance of downstream processes. The transaction Remove Scheduling Agreement Releases (ME83) is available for this purpose.

    For more information, see Administration of Scheduling Agreements.

  • There are improved reports for archiving purchasing documents.

    • Archiving object MM_EKKO

      Preprocessing (RM06EV47), Write (RM06EW70), Delete (RM06ED70)

    • Archiving object MM_EBAN

      Preprocessing (RM06BV70), Write (RM06BW70), Delete (RM06BD70)

    • Archiving object MM_EINA

      Write (RM06IW70), Delete (RM06ID70)