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 MM Multiple Account Assignment


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Enterprise Business Function

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SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Materials Management (MM)

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This business function provides you with enhanced functions for multiple account assignment for document items.

If you want to use multiple account assignment for material document items, you can use the following new functions:

  • You can distribute document items to the individual account assignments by amount, as well as by quantity or by percentage.

  • You can also use multiple account assignment for items in purchase requisitions and purchase orders where you expect a valuated goods receipt.

  • You can use multiple account assignment for delivery costs as well as material costs.

For more information about multiple account assignment for material document items, see Entering Account Assignments.

If you use multiple account assignment for service document items, this business function enables you to use amount-based distribution as well as quantity- based and percentage distribution.

For more information, refer to Account Assignment in the Case of Services.

Note: You cannot use multiple account assignment in stock transport orders.


You cannot activate this business function together with one or both of the following business functions:

  • Catch Weight Management Business Function (/CWM/BF)

  • CWM, New Architecture: Inventory Management and Accounting in ERP (/CWM/CM_1)


This business function offers you the following additional functions for documents with multiple account assignment:

  • Distribution by amount

    You can distribute the total net value of a purchase requisition item or purchase order item to individual account assignments. The system includes even very low values that you assign to individual account assignments, and calculates the distribution percentage. This function enables funds management (PSM-FM), for example, to distribute the annual budget to different organizations.

  • Valuated goods receipt for document items with multiple account assignment

    The update of values in financial accounting (FI) at the time of goods receipt, also in case of multiple account assignment, corresponds to the legal requirements in many countries, and the accounting principles of IAS/U.S. GAAP. This business function allows you to enter a valuated goods receipt for items with multiple account assignment, with item category standard item. The system distributes the value of the goods receipt item to the individual account assignments, and posts the value for each account assignment item to the GR/IR clearing account.

    You can define whether the Quantity and Amount fields can be changed at account assignment level when you enter an incoming invoice in Customizing for Inventory Management and Physical Inventory underStart of the navigation path Incoming Invoice Next navigation step Set Changeability of Quantity and Amount for Multiple Account Assignment End of the navigation path.

    When processing the goods receipt, you can use BAdI Multiple Account Assignment – Redistribution in Goods Receipt(MB_ACCOUNTING_DISTRIBUTE) to redefine the distribution among the individual account assignments.

    For more information, see Entering a Valuated Goods Receipt with Multiple Account Assignment

  • Multiple account assignment for delivery costs

    If you enter planned delivery costs for material items with multiple account assignment, the system distributes the delivery costs to the account assignments according to the distribution logic of the material items.

With this business function, you can use the following BAdIs for logistics invoice verification:

  • BAdI: Get Default Values (MRM_PROPOSAL_DETERMINE)

    In the transactions of Logistics Invoice Verification, the system determines default values from the data of the purchase order and the purchase order history. You can use this BAdI to implement your own logic for determining default values.

  • BAdI: Distribution of Total Quantity and Amount to Multiple Account Assgmts (MRM_DISTRIBUTION_MAA)

    In the transactions of Logistics Invoice Verification, the system automatically distributes the total quantity and amount to the account assignments. You can use this BAdI to implement your own distribution logic.

For more information about multiple account assignment in logistics invoice verification, see Invoices for Purchase Orders with Account Assignment and Displaying and Changing the Account Assignment.