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 MM Invoice Verification

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SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 2

ECC software component


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Invoice Verification (MM-IV)

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With this business function, you can use two Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) and one Business Add-In (BAdI) to clear a balance on the GR/IR clearing account, reverse account maintenance document, and revoke blocking reasons that are no longer valid in invoices.


Before you can use the BAPIs and the BAdI in invoice verification, you must activate the business function in Customizing.

Before you can use the BAdI MRM_BLOCKREASON_DELETE_CUST to revoke invalid blocking reasons in invoices, you must implement the BAdI and its methods. In Customizing for Materials Management, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Invoice Verification Next navigation step Maintain Customer Exits and Business Add-Ins Next navigation step BAdI: Validity Check for Blocking Reasons in Invoices. End of the navigation path


This business function offers you the following additional functions for logistics invoice verification:

  • Two new BAPIs are available:

    • You can use method BAPI_GRIRDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE to clear a balance as soon as it arises in case of quantity differences between valuated goods receipt and invoice receipt.

    • You can use method BAPI_GRIRDOC_CANCEL to reverse account maintenance documents, thereby restoring the difference on the GR/IR clearing account.

      For more information, see the associated BAPI documentation in BAPI Explorer.

  • A new BAdI enables you to define customer-specific checks for blocked invoices. According to your specifications, the system determines invalid blocking reasons in invoice with and without reference to a purchase order, revokes invalid blocks, and releases a large number of invoices for payment.

    For more information, see the documentation for the BAdI MRM_BLOCKREASON_DELETE_CUST.