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 Retail, Margin Protection Localization for India


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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With this business function, you can perform the following functions for India:

  • Control the price fluctuations and protect the margin agreed between the buyer and the vendor during the procurement process.

  • Update the MRP of an article in the purchase order (PO) and the article master if there is a change in the MRP when you receive the goods from the vendor.


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Margin Protection

In India, articles are physically labeled with a price, referred to as the “Maximum Retail Price” (MRP), in the packing. The manufacturer sets the MRP with a view to protecting the consumer, since the retailer cannot charge the consumer with a price higher than the MRP. However, in certain Indian retail scenarios, there is a possibility that the vendor might change the price without prior notice to the distribution centre, which potentially affects the retailer’s margin. This solution sets the process to protect the margin agreed between the buyer and the vendor during the procurement process.

MRP Update

When there is a variance in the MRP or cost of an article, the system sets the AIN through an approval process that you must customize at the configuration level. Based on whether the approver accepts or rejects the change, the system updates the new MRP in the PO and the article master.