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 Report Management: Changes for Outbound Processing

Report Management (Changed)

These enhancements are part of the release note PS: Management of Exposure Scenarios - Outbound Processing.

As of SAP enhancement package 7 SP 06 for SAP ERP 6.0 (EA-APPL 617), business function EHS - Continuous Improvements for Product Safety (LOG_EHS_PS_CI_5), the following new functions are available in the Report Management (EHS-SAF-REP) component:

New Functions
Generation and Management of ESComXML Files

In Report Management, you can generate and manage ESComXML files together with extended safety data sheets.

  • The ESComXML file is only generated if the extended safety data sheet can also be generated successfully. A new ESComXML file is generated for each new version of a safety data sheet. (You cannot generate ESComXML files for existing extended safety data sheets.)

  • The system generates an ESComXML file if all prerequisites are fulfilled and all mandatory attributes can be filled in the ESComXML file.

  • The ESComXML file is generated with the same validity date as the extended safety data sheet.

  • The ESComXML file and the extended safety data sheet contain the same exposure scenarios.

  • The ESComXML file is compressed and saved as a ZIP file (original document 2) in the document management system.

New Icons in the Report Tree

In transaction Edit Reports (CG50), new icons are available in the report tree to indicate the generation status of the ESComXML file.

  • XML page: The icon indicates that the ESComXML file has been generated by the system. You can display the file by selecting the symbol. The generated ESComXML file can also be displayed in the menu Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step ESComXML File End of the navigation path.

  • Lightning flash symbol: The icon indicates that report generation failed. You can display the generation log by selecting this icon.

  • Empty page: The icon indicates that you can request the report or start report generation. If you select this icon, a dialog opens from which you can trigger report generation.

Determination of ESCom Phrases

The ESCom phrase key is an eleven-digit number, for example, 11133170850. The key for an ESCom phrase has a number range between 9 000 000 000 and 99 999 999 999. The phrase key in phrase management is made up of a prefix together with the ESCom phrase key, for example, ZESX11133170850.

In phrase management, the ESCom phrase is assigned an additional prefix with up to four characters, for example, ZESX.

You define the prefix in the new Customizing activity Specify Settings for Generating ESComXML Files.

  • When determining the data for the ESComXML file, the system checks whether the assigned phrases in specification management for maintaining exposure scenarios are ESCom phrases. It first checks the phrase key in the active phrase catalog using the defined prefix and number ranges.

  • If the system successfully determines an ESCom phrase key in the active phrase catalog using the prefix, the prefix is cut off and the eleven-digit number only is transferred to the ESComXML file.

  • If the system is unable to determine an ESCom phrase key, it checks the phrase reference items of the active phrase.

  • If the system is unable to determine a phrase using the reference, a placeholder phrase is used. A check is available for this purpose, which you can set up in the Customizing activity under Exposure Scenario Management -> Outbound Processing of ESComXML Files -> Generate ESComXML File -> Specify Settings for Message Types for Checks.

Checks for Generating ESComXML Files

The following new checks are delivered when ESComXML files are generated. In the new Customizing activity Specify Settings for Message Types for Checks, you can define the message type with which messages are written to the generation log. The messages for the checks are displayed in transaction Edit Reports (CG50) in the generation log:

  • Defined Composition Does Not Contain Valid Entries

  • No Product and Article Category for CS Consumer

  • Foreign Substance Assigned to Exposure Scenario

  • Too Many Numerical Characteristic Values Maintained

  • Exposure Scenario Not Defined Uniquely

  • Non-ESCom Phrase Assigned to Optional Attribute

  • Non-ESCom Phrase Assigned to Mandatory Attribute

  • Interval in ESComXML Attribute Not Permitted

  • Comparison Operator in ESComXML Attribute Not Permitted

  • Phrase for Unit of Measure Does Not Exist

  • Placeholder Phrase Exists in System

Adjustment of Data Determination for ESComXML Files

The following new Business Add-In (BAdI) is available: BAdI: Generate and Ship Additional Documents. Using this BAdI, you can create an additional document when generating reports and store it for the generated report.

If you have stored your ESComXML-relevant data differently to the structure specified in specification management, you can make the necessary adjustments in BAdI: Generate and Ship Additional Documents.

More Information

For more information, see SAP Library for SAP ERP on SAP Help Portal at published on SAP site under Start of the navigation path SAP ERP Central Component Next navigation step Logistics Next navigation step Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Next navigation step Product Safety (EHS-SAF) Next navigation step Exposure Scenario Management End of the navigation path.

For more information about implementing Exposure Management, see Customizing for Product Safety under Exposure Scenario Management.