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 Work-in-Process Batch Enhancements


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SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Production Planning and Control, Production Orders (PP-SFC)

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Work-in-Process Batch (LOG_PP_WIP_BATCH)

This business function enables you to use enhancements in the area of WIP batches (see Work-in-Process Batch). The term WIP batch describes the interim status of a finished product or a single part of a production order during the manufacturing process. WIP batches offer the following advantages:

  • Increased transparency and traceability of work in process through the possibility of placing WIP batches in stock, sending them to subcontractors, and describing individual components with characteristics.

  • A detailed overview of the material flow during the lifespan of the production order from the component to the finished product facilitates the determination of faulty materials in the case of recalls.

  • Entry and bundling of product characteristics during production

The business function contains the following new functions:

  • Inventory valuation for WIP batches

  • Use of WIP batches and documentary batches

  • Transfer of WIP batches in the case of order split


You can use WIP batches in conjunction with the order split functionality. To do so, you must additionally activate the business function LOG_PP_PROD_ORD_SPLIT however.


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Valuation of WIP Batches

Previously, the WIP batch could record the material flow during production on a quantity basis only. This business function enables you to valuate the stock of WIP batches per operation/phase. For this purpose, individual batch valuation must be defined for the material for which the WIP batches are to be entered.

The stock of WIP batches is valuated at the time of goods receipt on the basis of the planned costs incurred. For this purpose, the header material or a valuated reference material must be created in a valuated material type.

The goods receipt for a WIP batch with inventory valuation can be posted for a certain operation only. The same WIP batch cannot be posted for different operations. Without this restriction, errors would be liable to occur in the cost determination process.

The confirmed quantity of a WIP batch (yield, scrap, rework) causes the goods issue posting of the direct predecessor WIP batch.

Control of Goods Receipt of a WIP Batch

In Customizing, under Start of the navigation path Production Next navigation step Basic Data Next navigation step Routing Next navigation step Operation Data Next navigation step Define Control Key End of the navigation path, you can specify how the goods receipt of WIP batches is to be controlled:

  • The goods receipt is allowed but not mandatory.

    The indicator field in the confirmation is ready to accept input, but the indicator has not actually been set.

  • The goods issue is mandatory.

    The indicator has been set; the field is not ready to accept input.

  • The goods receipt is expected but not mandatory.

    The indicator has been set; the field is ready to accept input.

Use of WIP Batches and Documentary Batches

Previously, you could not use documentary and WIP batches together in a system. If documentary batches were being used in a system, you could not invoke the entry screen for time tickets with a confirmation profile with WIP batches.

With this business function, you can use a confirmation profile with WIP batches even if documentary batches exist in the system. However, no documentary batches may be used in the order for which the confirmation is being carried out.

WIP Batches in the Case of Order Split

In the case of the splitting of a production order, you can determine the split quantity from the WIP batches for the material.

Not only batches with stock, but all WIP batches that have been created for a material are suggested.

You can specify whether the quantity of the WIP batches is to serve as a default quantity only, or whether the WIP batch is to be adopted in the child order. The transfer of WIP batches from a parent order to a child order is only possible in the case of the split method Split with Same Material.

The batch where-used list is updated accordingly in the case of an order split in which the WIP batches are transferred.