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 Refurbishment and Subcontracting 2


Technical Data

Technical Name of Business Function


Type of Business Function

Industry Business Function

Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage

Discrete Industries and Mill Products (DIMP)

Application Component

Rotables (IS-AD-ROT)

Subcontracting (IS-AD-SUC)

Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition

Refurbishment and Subcontracting


Serial Numbers in Purchasing(LOG_MM_SERNO)

This business function can be used by customers with large assets that have spare parts that are repaired or overhauled using either internal shops or external subcontractors. Typically customers from the aerospace, defense, mining, oil and gas, chemical, and utility industries can leverage the following features to reduce inventory and improve the availability of spares. You can use this business function to:

  • Streamline the creation and management of refurbishment orders and purchase requisitions for subcontracted repair

  • Procure subcontracted repair services from refurbishment orders.

  • Make use of improvements in rotables management to support integrated internal refurbishment as well as subcontracted refurbishment of spare parts

  • Integrate internal and subcontracted repair processes

  • Simplify the creation of purchase requisitions and refurbishment orders from the materials requirement planning (MRP) system

  • Improve the stock determination process for maintenance and service orders

Note Note

It is only intended to activate this business function together with one of the following:

  • Enterprise Extensions that are also released without any restrictions together with BFS DIMP (see SAP Note 933963)

  • A SAP Standard Core system (with no business function activated and no enterprise extension switched on)

  • Business function set MINING

If you activate business function LOG_EAM_ROTSUB and import Support Packages for the software components SAP-APPL or EA-APPL, you must also import the ECC-DIMP Support Packages.

End of the note.


You have installed DIMP 6.0, activated the business function Refurbishment and Subcontracting (LOG_EAM_ROTSUB), Refurbishment and Subcontracting 2 (LOG_EAM_ROTSUB_2) and Serial Numbers in Purchasing (LOG_MM_SERNO) and installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Software Component





Refurbishment and Subcontracting Integration

You can now use refurbishment orders in the subcontracting process. Until now, an integrated refurbishment process, that is, one that integrates refurbishment orders with subcontracting purchase requisitions and subcontracting purchase orders, was not supported. Now, to enable a business process in which internal and external repair tasks can be combined if necessary, the refurbishment order has been enhanced. The refurbishment order corresponds to the standard maintenance order type PM04.

The following component repair/refurbishment scenarios are supported:

  • Standard repair

  • Replacement

  • Unit exchange

  • Planned modification

  • Unplanned modification (DIMP only)

  • Various movement types

    The subcontracting process shall be supported for refurbishment orders that use transfer postings (313/315) as well as standard goods receipt and goods issue component movement types (101/261).

  • Various special stock types

    Beside company own stock (normal stock) subcontracting from refurbishment order must be available for the following stock types:

    • Customer stock (B) (DIMP only) (material that belongs to a customer)

    • Project stock (Q) (company own stock or customer stock linked to a project)

    • Orders on hand (E) (material related to a specific customer order)

The following are not supported:

  • Forward exchange

  • Consignment vendor (K)

  • Returnable transportation package vendor (M)

Conversion of Planned Orders

Converting planned orders to refurbishment orders: Spare parts can be repaired or refurbished in an inhouse workshop by creating a refurbishment order. It was already possible to create a refurbishment order from the stock requirement list. It has been enhanced so you can select serial numbers during the conversion and transfer them to the refurbishment order.

Converting planned orders to purchase requisition for subcontracted repairs: Spare parts can be repaired or refurbished by a subcontractor. The subcontracting purchase requisition for a repair can now already be used during the conversion. Serial numbers can also be selected during the conversion and transferred to the purchase requisition.

Creating purchase requisitions from material requirements planning (MRP): Now, subcontracting purchase requisitions for repair can now be created during the MRP run.

Stock Determination

There are improved stock determination functions that allow planners to reexamine the stock situation between order creation and order release, if necessary. Previously, the stock determination function worked only during the creation of the maintenance or service order.

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