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 Browser-Based PI Sheet


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SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 3

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Production Planning - Process Industries

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This business function enables you to utilize the functional enhancements for browser-based PI sheets. The new functionality increases the user-friendliness of the PI sheet, enabling the workers to complete their day-to-day tasks more quickly and respond more speedily to critical situations.


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Except for the discarding of the PI sheet in the process order, you activate the new functions in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Production Planning for Process Industries Next navigation step Process Management Next navigation step Control Recipes/PI Sheets Next navigation step Activate Enhancements for PI Sheets. End of the navigation path . You must additionally activate the discarding function for the PI sheet in the process order in Customizing. It is active when you activate the business function.


  • The scope of the enhanced functionality includes a new XSL stylesheet offering you improved usability. With additional commands, you can adjust the appearance of the browser-based PI sheet to suit your requirements. Furthermore, the new stylesheet contains additional graphical elements to provide increased clarity with regard to the individual phases and the signature status.

  • The new leaner stylesheet also has the advantage that it enables the browser-based PI sheet to be set up at greater speed. In addition, you are now able to generate a PDF document. This enables you to use all the standard functionalities of a PDF document.

  • The scope of the Change Process Order function has also been extended. You can now discard the associated browser-based PI sheet directly from within this function. There is also a simplified regeneration option following a rescheduling of the process order. With regard to the control of follow-on activities, you now have extended options for specifying the parameters that are to invoke a follow-on activity on a customer-specific basis.

  • For process instruction characteristics, you can now specify in characteristics maintenance that entry is mandatory for the characteristic. Previously, you were only able to control the mandatory nature of entry for a process instruction characteristic via process messages. Independently of this, you can now also set the Entry Required indicator in the characteristic master to denote that a process instruction characteristic is mandatory. If the indicator has been set, you cannot complete a workstep until a value has been assigned to the characteristic.

  • When using XSteps, you can specify that a function module is only executed via the event PARAMETER_CHANGED if values have been assigned to certain parameters in the browser-based PI sheet. Previously, a function module was always executed via the event PARAMETER_CHANGED if values had been assigned to all mandatory parameters. If you use this business function, you can specify which parameters must have values assigned to them in order for a function module to be executed. These parameters must be assigned to a characteristic with the Entry Required indicator.